Which Paint is Best for Microwave Use
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Which Paint is Best for Microwave Use?

Replacing kitchen appliances can be quite expensive. Thankfully, when it comes to microwaves and ovens, you can depend on them for a long time. In case you see small signs of wear and tear on them, you can quickly fix them in a DIY manner with things like spray-painting.

Regardless, you should pick a suitable paint product when fixing rusted microwave interiors. You want something that’s microwave-safe and won’t come unglued due to normal microwave operation.

Which Paint is Best for Microwave Use?

Your paint choice for a microwave interior repaint should resist high temperatures and has a microwave-safe label. Certain paints can end up damaged by constant microwave exposure compared to other paints.

Among the best microwave paints in the market at present, you should avail of cavity paint or appliance paint for touch-ups specifically.

ERP 98QBP0300 Microwave Cavity Spray Paint
ERP 98QBP0300 Microwave Cavity Spray Paint

Microwave-Safe Paint Options and Types Overview

If you need to cover up a scratch or chip on your microwave oven and choose to go ahead with the project, you should pick the right type of paint that’s most suitable for use inside the microwave cavity or the belly of the beast.

They include the following—spray paint, brush-on paint, and sheet paint. They also include heat-resistant and nontoxic paint as well as touchup kits.

Spray or Spray-On Paint

Spray-on or spray paint for microwaves serve as the most common choice for anyone wishing to quickly repair their beloved quick-heating appliance. You can easily use such products. You won’t need much more than paper towels and cleaning products to apply the paint as well.

Watch out, though. These products should be used for situations where you’re dealing with spread rust or large damage. To achieve professional-level results with this paint type, you’ll need to make sure your oven is debris-free and clean.

Afterwards, carefully apply the paint across the interior in a uniform fashion. After the paint has settled and dried up, you can now enjoy using your device without any worries.

Brush-On Paint or Bucket of Paint

A standard bucket of paint you put on a brush or roller for painting your walls can also be used to paint a rusted microwave interior. It typically comes with small containers or bottles.

You can find paint specifically designed to fix small chips or scratches that might show on the microwave finish after extended usage. You can avail of this paint at most hardware stores, appliance shops, and so forth.

Just put it on your brush and swipe to coat the damage done to your microwave. Apply several thin coats that dry out one after another. After it’s done, you should end up with a microwave interior that feels and looks new when push comes to shove.

Touch-Up or Touchup Kits

You can also avail of touchup or touch-up kits with paint sheets for the smallest scratches and damage. They’re typically composed of silicone resin mica paper. Thusly, they can resist even the highest temperatures possible inside a microwave oven.

Just apply the sheets on the cleaned-up or sanded surface and you should be good to go. This is most ideal for touch-up jobs. If the rust damage proves extensive, go for the spray-on paint option instead for wider paint coverage.

When shopping for such a kit, you might choose to get the ones with sandpaper, stirrers, and brushes included. This way, you can complete the whole DIY process without hunting down extra materials and additional tools.

Heat-Resistant Paint

It’s a given that a bucket or bottle of microwave cavity paint should be the heat-resistant variety. Some paints bubble up or melt when faced with oven-level heat. In most cases, when you ask for microwave cavity paint, you’ll end up with something that’s already heat-resistant anyway.

You should specifically search for those with test certifications on them to ensure their quality. Also make sure that the paint is supposed to be used inside the microwave instead of outside it a la the microwave exterior paint.

Nontoxic or Non-Toxic Paint

Your paint should also be nontoxic or non-toxic for the simple reason that you prepare your food in your microwave. Toxicity that you can get away with when painting your walls, ceilings, or roof might not be so applicable to painting microwave oven interiors when all is said and done.

Pick a microwave interior paint with nontoxic ingredients inside of it. The last thing you want involves having a microwave full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other toxic chemicals that contaminate your food every time you reheat them inside the oven.

Likewise, most microwave cavity paints come not only heat-resistant by default but also nontoxic by default. Just to be on the safe side though, read the ingredients list on back or underside of the paint container to be sure. Also follow manufacturer instructions when applying the paint for good measure.

Why Should You Repaint a Microwave?

Microwaves with rusted interiors should have them repainted or else they’ll degrade over time to the point they’re not usable anymore. These appliances will get a lot of love and uses in any given kitchen because it’s much more convenient to reheat food inside them rather than operate a stove.

Even in today’s lockdown-centric reality, humans of the 21st Century still live quite fast-paced lifestyles. You want to have a fully functioning microwave with a perfectly rust-free interior on hand to avoid food contamination or even escaping microwave radiation.

If you wish to extend the lifespan of your microwave in order to cook meals and prepare beverages in a matter of seconds then a DIY fix of your microwave interior is a must!

Where to Go From Here

If you’ve tried your hand at fixing your damaged or rusted microwave and it still doesn’t work out in the end, then you can go ahead and buy a new microwave. Of course, you can always skip buying a new microwave if you’ve deemed your appliance as beyond repair.

Before repairing your microwave, consider the risks and benefits of going the DIY route. Check out the prices of the paint and your DIY abilities. Don’t forget the tips available on this guide to ensure you safely go about your project.


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