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The 10 Best Microwave Rice Cooker

For billions of people on earth, rice serves as a dietary staple. As long as it’s cooked consistently right, you can use the same recipe all the time. From there, you can serve your meal with various desserts, soups, vegetables, and stews.

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With that said, have you ever tried out the microwave rice cooker? They’re slightly better than the standard electric rice cooker due to how fast they are at cooking rice. What’s the best microwave rice cooker? Figure it out by yourself by checking out these products below.

Go with the ones that suit your fancy and click the link to find out their prices.

10 Best Microwave Rice Cookers Review

Here are the microwave rice cookers we recommend based on our experience with them and their high ratings from Amazon.

1. Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

The Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker offers quite a lot in terms of affordable rice cooking from your microwave. More to the point, when we purchased this rice pot for the sake of this article, we had a rice novice attempt to cook on it without instruction from us to observe how self-explanatory its use is.

Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker
Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker


When push came to shove, the 45002 M-Cuisine produces consistent fluffy rice that even a clueless husband or a bored college student can use. In regards to where you can use the rice, it’s particularly handy when making Japanese sushi cuisine or Indian curry cuisine.

The paddle also doubles as a lock and handle for the pot as well as your standard rice scooper. It even comes with its own colander for drainage purposes.


  • The durable plastic material of Joseph Joseph is dishwasher-safe.
  • You can use it to measure, wash and cook rice to fluffy perfection in one container.
  • The set includes a multipurpose rice paddle, measuring cup, colander, and 2-liter cooking pot.
  • The paddle can be used to scoop the rice for serving or for fluffing up the rice after it’s all cooked and whatnot.
  • The rice paddle doubles as a lock that keeps the lid closed while providing a pair of convenient handles for carrying purposes.


  • Some units ended up melting and causing terrible fumes.
  • Part of the rice cooker has the plastic peel away after only 5 months.


2. Good Cook 11 Cup Microwave Rice Cooker

As for the aesthetically pleasing and minimalist Good Cook Rice Cooker, it claims to offer 11 cups of rice-cooking capacity. It comes at a compact size of 10 inches by 8.3 inches by 6 inches that cater to many a microwave oven size, from mini or solo ovens to larger grill or convection microwaves.

Good Cook 11 Cup Microwave Rice Cooker, White
Good Cook 11 Cup Microwave Rice Cooker, White


Moreover, it does more than cook rice. You can also use it as a vegetable steamer. It can even be used as a storage bowl even though it’s not 100 percent airtight due to the nature of microwaving and the dangers of trying to pressure-cook anything in such a device. This then results in fluffy and light rice with its steam released specifically to aid further in its cooking.


  • It’s a dishwasher-safe pot like the Joseph Joseph.
  • It’s listed as having an 11-cup capacity on its specs and its title.
  • The microwaveable rice pot is guaranteed BPA-free and nontoxic when microwaved.
  • The handle can also double as the rice scoop paddle for rice scooping found attached to the lid.
  • Aside from making rice microwaveable, it can also double as a handy vegetable steamer.


  • It claims to be an 11-cup rice cooker but some verified purchasers claim it overflows after only 2 cups.
  • Quality control issues (its lowest reviews came from defective products with missing or broke clips as well as nonfunctioning lids).


3. Progressive International Set Microwave Rice Cooker, 4 Piece, Gray

The gray Progressive International Set Microwave Rice Cooker with 4 accessories is designed to make perfectly steamed rice with all its nutrients locked in. How does it compare to the other items on this list? It’s affordable, cost-effective, and worthwhile.

 Progressive International Set Microwave Rice Cooker, 4 Piece, Gray
Progressive International Set Microwave Rice Cooker, 4 Piece, Gray

When it works right, it works superbly. Most importantly, it’s barely more expensive than a McDonald’s value meal. The satisfied customers and verified purchasers of this rice pot claim it’s an effective all-around vegetable steamer on top of cooking perfect rice.

It’s a lot cheaper than many of the items here more or less. However, it comes to the risk of more defects and quality control issues. According to the downvotes and negative reviews, some units ended up with melted bottoms or burnt rice.


  • It has a capacity of 6 cups.
  • You can also make quinoa and oats in mere minutes.
  • The microwaveable rice cooker is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • It’s made of a nonstick surface made of high-heat propylene that’s BPA-free.
  • It’s a 4-piece set that includes a cooking instruction booklet, measuring cup, rice paddle, and locking lid that serve as accessories for the rice cooker pot itself.
  • In contrast to an electric rice cooker that takes 30 minutes to an hour to cook rice, you can cook 3-5 cups of rice on this pot for at least 30 minutes.


  • There are units that ended up with melted bottoms.
  • Some claim it’s a dangerous product that could explode with burning rice.

4. Kitchencraft 1.5L Microwave Rice Cooker 

The red and white Kitchencraft Microwave Rice Cooker is listed as 1.5 liters on its Amazon title but on its specs, it’s instead listed as 4 liters. It’s best used for 600-watt microwaves. It’s also noted for its steam circulation to ensure even heating of rice or food.

 1.5l Microwave Rice Cooker
1.5l Microwave Rice Cooker


On top of being microwaveable, it’s also safe to use with your dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. The set is composed of a base container, vented cover, serving spoon, and measuring cup for water and rice. It has a capacity of 1.5 liters or 50 fluid ounces.

You’ll have to do your research on how long it should cook on 700-watt or 1-kilowatt microwaves because it lacks instructions in that regard. Furthermore, one fatal flaw is its messiness. 


  • It has a fetching red and white color.
  • It’s freezer-safe, fridge-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe.
  • It has a capacity of either 1.5 liters or 4 liters, but it’s most likely 1.5 liters.
  • It comes at a relatively compact 4.72 inches by 6.69 inches by 8.66 inches.
  • In terms of wattage, it’s recommended to microwaves with 600 watts of power.
  • It’s developed for traditional oriental cooking so that you can easily cook rice like a pro.


  • Some units ended up flooding the base of the microwave with starchy, gooey water.
  • It came with no instructions and the product page has contradicting info on capacity.

5. Homestyle Microwave Rice Steamer Cooker BPA Free 2.6L Red

Regarding the Homestyle Microwave Rice Steamer Cooker, it has an aesthetically striking red design we love. It’s definitely a rice steamer and cooker wherein you get what you pay for. On one hand, it also gets criticism regarding being flimsy and cheap. However, they’re the minority of customers and most agree it’s worth the investment.

Microwave Rice Steamer Cooker BPA Free 2.6L Red
Microwave Rice Steamer Cooker BPA Free 2.6L Red


It includes a rice spoon or paddle and can reach a 10 cup capacity. This is perfect for those really big family gatherings like Thanksgiving and the like. Its capacity also allows you to vary your portions to a wide variety of gatherings.

When it works, it works superbly. The lid stays locked on, there’s no mess, and the plastic container stays perfectly hard-wearing for a lifetime of usage. It comes at a compact measurement of 6.25 inches in height and 8.5 inches in diameter.


  • BPA-free durable plastic that’s also dishwasher-safe to boot.
  • The all-red microwaveable rice cooker pot has a striking design that really pops.
  • It has a superior capacity of 2.6 liters or 87.9 fl oz compared to Kitchencraft’s 1.5 liters.
  • A perfectly portable microwave rice steamer about double the price of Progressive International.
  • It also optimizes temperature distribution through the gradual release of steam to keep the rice or vegetables you’re cooking at a consistent temperature.


  • Several customers described it as flimsy and cheap.
  • There are also complaints about the lid not staying latched.

6. Zwippy Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker

The Zwippy Microwave Rice Cooker (that doubles as a Pasta Cooker for good measure) is extra high quality compared to the cheaper but serviceable rice cookers on this list. Since this guide offers items where you get what you pay for, it’s only natural that Zwippy is among the more expensive items on this list.

Zwippy Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker - Easy Cooking or Reheating Set with Rice Spoon & Measuring Cup
Zwippy Microwave Rice and Pasta Cooker – Easy Cooking or Reheating Set with Rice Spoon & Measuring Cup


The main thing that makes Zwippy Microwave Rice Cooker unique from the other cookers aside from its expensiveness is its versatility. You’re paying extra for this item in order to have the ability to microwave-cook rice along with Zwippy Microwave Rice Cooker.

When it’s not used correctly it makes a mess. Therefore, make sure to read the instruction booklet to ensure a perfect result every time. There are no complaints about defective items on its product page as well.


  • It can also cook pasta, vegetables, soups, and oatmeal.
  • It works as intended as long as you follow its instructions.
  • It comes with its own measuring cup and rice spoon or paddle.
  • It excellently makes fluffy rice without much effort on your part.
  • Extra durable construction to ensure quality cooking for either rice or pasta.
  • Actually, aside from steaming food, you can make great meals on this pot, including paella and sushi with the right recipe!


  • It cooks the rice but also makes a mess.
  • It’s rather expensive compared to the cookers on this list.


7. Home & Appliances Rice Cocker Only for Microwave Oven 2-cup Chibikuro-kun Model

The Home & Appliances Microwave Rice Cocker is a 2-cup “Chibikuro-kun” Model. Yes, it’s made in Japan. That there should reassure you that it’s a quality product that makes rice cooking perfectly easy. After all, rice is a staple food in Japan and they’re experts on all things rice-related.

Home & Appliances Rice Cocker Only for Microwave Oven 2-cup Chibikuro-kun Model
Home & Appliances Rice Cocker Only for Microwave Oven 2-cup Chibikuro-kun Model

They’re also quite adept at making quality gadgetry and electronics. This microwave rice cooker is also not dishonest with its 2 cup recommendation compared to other misleading products that claim otherwise, only for them to make messes afterwards.

Its name Chibikuro-kun implies that its servings cater mostly to solo or double portions. Your servings can range from 0.5 to 2 cups of rice, which roughly services 1-2 people. The maximum is at 2 cups. Because it lacks English instructions included in the package, you can access the instructions through this link. It outlines everything you need to know. 


  • The 2-cup Chibikuro-kun Model has a sleek, modernist all-black design.
  • When used properly, you should end up with consistently fluffy rice every time.
  • It’s quite compact at 0.54 pounds and at 5.51 inches by 5.35 inches by 5.51 inches.
  • Because it doesn’t come with its own instructions, access it online through here instead.
  • It’s a 1.2-liter microwave rice steamer akin to the 1.5 liters Kitchencraft but with slightly fewer liters (thus it’s more affordable).


  • It takes a little bit of getting used to.
  • It doesn’t come with its own (English) cooking instructions.


8. Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker Purple Large 3L or 12 cup

It’s Tupperware! What more do we need to say? It’s a trusted name in plastic and microwaveable containers for good reason. We purchased 2 sizes of the same product, one smaller and one bigger to deal with different portions. This particular one is for big portions at 3 liters or 12 cups.

Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker Purple Large 3L or 12 cup
Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker Purple Large 3L or 12 cup


It’s large enough to cater for 5-10 or 6-12 people depending on how big their appetites are.  It features amazing consistency when cooking rice. Many other rice cookers or steamers on this list require exact instructions to the letter or else they’ll make a mess with your microwave.

This isn’t the case with the Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker. This purple wonder gives you more leeway yet still ensures quality results when all is said and done. You can also store the leftover rice grains in your refrigerator for reheating the next meal.


  • It features 11.2 ounces of lightweight portability.
  • We love the purple coloring of Tupperware’s rice cooker. It’s quite festive.
  • Huge portions at 12 cups or 3 liters. It can serve two families or a small party.
  • It’s one of the best rice makers we could find, which is to be expected of Tupperware.
  • It cooks consistently quality rice mess-free, easy, and fast on a container that’s dishwasher-safe and microwaveable.


  • Fair warning. The cover isn’t liquid-tight.
  • Spillage can occur from 3 cups onwards.

9. Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker for Microwave 2 Quart

Pampered Chef’s Micro Cooker is highly rated on Amazon for good reason. It’s unique to other rice cookers on the list in that it’s apparently “ambidextrous”. In other words, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, you can easily use this 2-quart microwaveable rice cooker pot.

Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker for Microwave 2 Quart
Pampered Chef Large Micro Cooker for Microwave 2 Quart


Furthermore, its locking lid has two different hole sizes. This allows you to drain the rice of water in an effective manner, without needing a separate strainer or colander. This microwave pot is also popular among the denizens of Amazon because it doubles as a microwave pasta cooker a la Zwippy.

Cooking time for pasta is an easy 3 minutes. Cooking time for rice is comparably short. It’s compact yet big enough to cook 4 cups of rice. Be careful of spillage at the 4-cup capacity. However, it’s less likely to make a mess compared to the other pots on this list.


  • It offers a significant 2 quart or 1.9 liters of capacity.
  • Its lockable pressure lid has two different hole sizes for effective liquid drainage.
  • It’s a dishwasher-safe rice cooker designed for either right-handed or left-handed users.
  • You can avail of this highly rated microwave cooker at sites other than Amazon (more price options).
  • The Micro Cooker doesn’t contain BPA so you won’t have to worry about leaching onto the rice.


  • Some units broke after they were used for the first time.
  • Allegations of false advertising. The picture on the page is different from the actual product.

10. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

Last but not least is the Prep Solutions Rice Cooker. We favor it over even the likes of Tupperware because, for something in its price range, it offers loads of extra accessories and features fit for a product double its price.

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice
Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice

It can make 8 cups of cooked rice and has a 12-cup capacity. It also includes spoons, measuring cups, vegetable steaming insert, pasta draining insert, and so forth. It has one flaw in our estimation. As long as it works it matches the quality of the likes of Tupperware.

However, some units ended up breaking from all that pressure. Tupperware costs more because it uses higher-grade plastic. However, only a minority of units ended up cracking anyway.


  • The locking lid guarantees protection from messes and spills.
  • It works for all varieties and types of rice in a consistent fashion.
  • As usual, this rice cooker is also BPA-free and dishwasher-free for easy cleaning.
  • It offers an impressive 12-cup capacity for a lesser price than other fellow 12-cup cookers.
  • It has a multitude of accessories available so that you can use it for other applications like a vegetable steamer, pasta cooker, and so forth.


  • Overflowing water leading to spillage is also an issue.
  • Some units had cracked after only several uses where it otherwise worked fine.


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What to Look for in Microwave Rice Cookers 

These containers that double as cookers feature their own individual pros and cons as well as features. In order to get the best model for your specific circumstances or microwave model, take into consideration these various key features.

What’s a Microwave Rice Cooker Anyway?

Let’s clarify. A microwave rice cooker isn’t an actual electronic rice cooker. Rather, it’s a special microwave-safe plastic container you can use in order to cook rice a la rice cooker but using your microwave. Sure, you can buy a rice cooker, but a microwave rice cooker is much cheaper. 

The main things to look for in microwave rice cookers—mostly special containers you can put inside your microwave to cook rice like with an electric rice cooker—are effectiveness, consistency, durability, ease of use, and ample serving portions. Keep on reading to learn more.

 The Importance of Capacity

Check your rice cooker’s capacity. Take note of how many cups of rice you can fit into it. Now take into consideration your family size and the capacity of your microwave. A cup of uncooked rice or rice grains will produce two cups of cooked rice for one person. You roughly need one cup per person.

The idea rice ratio? It’s 3:1. Your rule of thumb is to serve every plate with at least ¾ cup of rice that’s been cooked. Typically, a liter capacity for a rice steamer is capable of boiling 3 rice cups. Therefore, it serves about 3 people (more or less) or four plates’ worth of rice.

Durability or Longevity 

How durable is your rice cooker? This is important because a damaged plastic container, even if it’s microwaveable, cannot be used with your microwave. The damage comes with the extra risk of leaching plasticizers or toxic chemicals onto your rice.

It’s best to err on the side of caution and throw away a damaged microwaveable rice cooker container than reuse a damaged one for the sake of avoiding these VOCs. Many of these rice cookers use plastic material that could easily break if you’re not careful.

It’s best to read reviews and check the build of the container to ensure it won’t end up a waste of an investment. Make sure you get a cooker that’s easy to clean and stain-resistant when push comes to shove as well. 

Microwave Rice Cooker 1
Durability or Longevity

The Ease of Use and Utility care of Accessories 

The different models of containers vary in terms of features and accessories. To make them easier to use, you should have certain offerings available to streamline the cooking process. The best ones include rice spatulas, measuring cups, and even colanders for water drainage. 

A number of rice cooker pots also include basic recipes and detailed cooking instructions them. Also, when shopping for microwave rice cookers, expect some cheap models to create a huge mess. The whole idea of a microwaveable rice pot hinges on making your work of cooking rice easier instead of harder on you.

The Lid Defines Microwave Rice Cooker Effectiveness

To get low-grade rice cookers with funky lids defeats that purpose. You should find a lid that locks tightly to keep spills from happening. However, it should have pressure holes to keep it from becoming a pressure cooker that’s ready to burst. 

Get a dual-layer microwave rice cooker lid. They trap the buildup of steam and channel it elsewhere for spill minimization. Once you’re able to choose a cooker with a two-layered lid, make sure the two parts can come apart to make cleaning them up easier on you as well.

How Does The Microwaveable Rice Cooker Make the Cooking Process Easier?

The best microwave cooking pots ensure that the rice comes out perfect every time or more often than not. The basic models use about the same amount of cooking time as when cooking with a stove or saucepan. However, they at least carry less risk of overcooking compared to stovetop rice cooking.

An electronic rice cooker works even better since it’s designed to cook rice. However, if you have a microwave in your home already, you can use these containers to serve as your mini pressure cookers. Just make sure they have tight lids and quality steam pressure channeling systems to not make a mess inside your microwave oven.

How Do You Measure Rice when Cooking with a Microwave Rice Cooker? 

The rule of thumb when measuring rice with a rice cooker is to put the same amount of water in cups as the cups of rice in the cooker then adding one cup of water for good measure. Every cup of rice equals one person or at least every ¾ cup of rice equals one dish (you make room for the food).

Every model of rice cooker has their own measuring cup and cooking instructions. Follow their instructions because they offer different capacities and different cup sizes. If they claim that you should put in the same amount of water as the cups of rice, then do it without the extra cup of water.

When Push Comes to Shove

When push comes to shove, you can cook rice without a rice cooker container for your microwave. However, the convenience of having such an item is also undeniable. Investing in such cookware will spare you from having to deal with waiting 30 minutes or measuring the rice amount exactly.

In an Asian home, a microwave rice cooker is redundant because chances are they already have an electric rice cooker available. However, even Asians might be interested in buying this rice cooker alternative in order to get their rice cooked faster without it ending up overcooked or undercooked.

Through the years, the microwave oven has become a standard appliance for all homes. It is safe to say that there is no home without a microwave oven. If you are looking for a microwave oven that best fits your needs, You find the right website.

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