Microwave Storage Ideas
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08 Microwave Storage Ideas to Try Out

If you wish to store your microwave away to save space on your countertop, consider investing in a built-in or putting a small microwave inside a shelf. You can customize or install microwave oven shelves that should assist you in organizing your kitchen space when push comes to shove.

You can even go with Over-the-Range (OTR) microwaves that double as hood vents over your gas range or stovetop for space-saving purposes. However, those aren’t your only storage options.

Why Do You Need to Store Your Microwave?

Not everyone can afford to get a huge kitchen with loads of countertop real estate to spare. If you’re renting an apartment or occupying a small living space, having a huge microwave getting in the way of storing kitchen supplies can lead to limited cooking or meal prep options.

Don’t let yourself get lost in the mess. Instead of getting a bigger kitchen, make better use of the unused overhead space and invest in an OTR or built-in microwave.

Below, we’ve listed down 3 types of microwaves and where you could store them away and 5 kitchen shelves you can place on top of your microwave to ensure extra storage space for microwaveable food, meals, and snacks.

8 Microwave Storage Ideas to Try Out

The 8 microwave storage ideas you could try out include the following means of storing the microwave and means of adding storage space for microwaveable goods.

1. Store Your Freestanding Countertop on Shelves or Cabinets

Freestanding Countertop in Cabinet
Freestanding Countertop in Cabinet

You don’t need a built-in to store your freestanding microwave on other more space-saving places aside from the countertop. However, it depends on the size of the said microwave. A medium-duty to heavy-duty monster microwave might require its own standalone storage shelf installed on the wall.

A smaller mini light-duty mini microwave could be placed on existing cabinets provided there are about 3 inches of space on the sides and up top for ventilation.

2. Take Advantage of the Built-In Microwave’s Space-Saving Design

Built-In Microwave
Built-In Microwave

Get a built-in microwave. It serves as another way to free up space for your kitchen for microwave storage or goods storage. It uses the cabinet or shelf as its shell or body to cover its exposed interior while its façade or door might be a swing-out door, sliding door, or a drawbridge-like door.

You could also avail of a microwave drawer that allows you to draw out the microwave like a drawer when you wish to use it. The trim kit serves as a way of covering the loose space.

3. Get a Hood Vent and Microwave in One with the OTR Microwave

OTR Microwave
OTR Microwave

An over-the-range or OTR microwave has a ventilation fan with at least 300 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of power to vent out the fumes, moisture, and heat coming from your gas range below it. You place it over the gas range or stovetop, as its name implies.

Although not as effective at venting compared to a standalone hood vent, the OTR microwave makes up for it by giving you a 2-in-1 appliance that does ventilation on top of reheating, defrosting, or cooking your food.

4. Install a Microwave Oven Shelf on Your Balcony, Study, or even Bathroom

AISHN Metal Microwave oven Rack/shelf
AISHN Metal Microwave oven Rack/shelf

Avail of the AISHN Metal Microwave oven Rack Shelf in order to install your microwave elsewhere or provide extra pantry shelf space for things you’d regularly microwave, like TV dinners, hot pockets, and so forth.

You can also place your leftover food there while opening the microwave door. It serves as a microwave mounting shelf for certain sizes of microwaves or a microwave goods shelf. This tough shelf is made of 100% recyclable material to boot.

5. A Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf Ensures of Tough, Long-Lasting Storage

TAGLINES Expandable Metal Microwave Oven Rack Shelf
TAGLINES Expandable Metal Microwave Oven Rack Shelf

If you want something stronger than the AISHN Metal Microwave, buy the TAGLINES Expandable Metal Microwave Oven Rack Shelf instead. This rugged and heavy-duty microwave shelf uses stainless steel, thus ensuring you of a long service life while avoiding pitfalls such as rusting or corrosion.

The simple and stylish product fits in all homes, whether it applies to modernistic, minimalist designs or more traditional wooden interiors. The mounting bolts also ensure its stability and loading performance for even microwave mounting.

6. 3-Tier Metal Microwave Holder Holds Both Microwave and the Goods

WHIFEA 3-Tier Heavy Duty Microwave Rack
WHIFEA 3-Tier Heavy Duty Microwave Rack

Instead of choosing whether you wish to use the microwave shelf for installing a built-in or mini microwave or putting in a second pantry for your TV dinners and hot pockets, you can do both with the Livzing 3-Tier Metal Microwave Oven Holder.

That’s right. This easy-to-clean, 3-tier and metal-coated oven holder can be placed from one room to another, accommodating various places inside the kitchen or outside of it. Its strong carrying capacity allows you to mount the microwave or items to use with it.

7. Use a Scientifically Designed Microwave Oven Rack Instead

Microwave Oven Stand Rack
Microwave Oven Stand Rack

The scientific design of the Tribesigns Kitchen Baker’s Rack enables it to solidly support the heaviest of objects for shelf storage, starting with your microwave (as long as it’s the right compact size) and including things like microwavable bowls or ready-to-microwave TV dinners.

This practical and convenient rack ensures that you can keep your kitchen spic-and-span. Why? You have a solidly made shelf you can use for temporary placement of items you need, like a meal you wish to cook or a recently heated meal you need to transfer to the counter.

8. An Even More Durable, Stainless Steel Design to Give You a Run for Your Money

Foldable Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Wall Mount Shelf
Foldable Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Wall Mount Shelf

Like Ctysallove, the Colture Foldable Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Wall Mount Shelf features superior anti-corrosion support and durability thanks to its stainless steel design. It also offers a similar “scientific” design and support found in Tribesigns in accordance to how solid its build is.

It also possesses non-magnetic stainless steel to prevent potential interference with your microwave while offering five layers of rustproof plating. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s built like a tank so that it can house things like dishes, the rice cooker, seasonings, or a nice compact microwave.


Moreover, aside from using kitchen shelves or mounting the microwaves by their space-saving type (OTR or built-in), you can also put your countertop microwave on its own table or multi-shelf table so that you can keep it above waist height and perfectly accessible for your food reheating needs. 

You can use existing shelves or install new storage shelves exclusively for your microwave to maximize even the tiniest kitchen space. This way, you can go about storing microwave and microwave accessories in a practical and convenient fashion.

Through the years, the microwave oven has become a standard appliance for all homes. It is safe to say that there is no home without a microwave oven. If you are looking for a microwave oven that best fits your needs, You find the right website.

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