Can You Use Any Microwave in an RV
What to know

Can You Use Any Microwave in an RV?

Microwaves play an increasingly broad and essential role in the kitchen. It greatly helps in reducing cooking time and making numerous tasks easier. Many people realize how vital a microwave is, but there is one thing many of them wants to know:

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Can You Use Any Microwave in an RV? Discover the Real Answer 

The answer is yes. Microwaves are very convenient to have in RVs. Since you are not at home and most items are far out of your reach, it’s great that you can actually bring a microwave with you.

However, individuals have to bear in mind that these appliances can also use most of the energy of the RV. Microwaves running on 700 watts or less are the best to use in RVs because you can operate them using a generator or large-capacity battery.

If you are planning to cook only if you’ve got an electrical hookup at the campsite, it’s good to know there are many choices you can consider. One popular option is a convection microwave. This can cook better and faster than regular ones.

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How do you Use Microwave in RV? 

Microwaves are essential appliances and must-have in the kitchen. You can use these to heat dishes, melt butter, prepare foods, or cook an entire meal. RVs are about having the home’s comforts while traveling, so you would naturally want to have a microwave on board your auto home.

Besides wanting to know the answer to the question, “Can you use any microwave in an RV?” you’ll also want to know the uses of microwave in RV. Here they are:

How do you Use Microwave in RV?
The uses of microwave in RV

Cook Meals During Camping and Outdoor Activities

For guaranteed convenience, you can use your RV microwave when camping on weekends. These units are often smaller and consume less electricity to function. Though this can work to heat quick meals, this can also serve you well if you plan to cook major meals when outdoor.

There is no reason not to have the best microwave oven for your RV, especially if you are fond of outdoor escapades such as camping. These are indeed worthy investments that you can rely on even if you are out of your comfort zones.

Reheat and Cook Foods in Smaller RVs 

RV microwaves are also excellent choices for smaller RVs. These appliances can both cook and reheat food items, so it is quite convenient to have. They circulate heat with special fans, moving it around to cook a faster time than the standard ovens.

Simply choose a particular microwave setting and use the microwave cooking as you would typically do when reheating. RV microwaves are efficient and quick in channeling heat energy directly into the tiny particles or molecules within foods, heating them like the sun can heat your face through radiation.

Do Other Cooking Needs

Built-in microwave in RVs is a quality appliance you can use for other cooking needs. There is an array of microwaves for RVs readily available nowadays, each competing for consumers’ interest and attention. To end up with the best purchase, carefully check the product’s overall price.

The quality of the microwave might reflect on the price. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Your only guide is to stick with the most suitable for your needs. Your RV is your home on the road, so make sure it has the best microwave that addresses all your cooking needs.

If you are still unsure how to use a convection microwave in an RV, here is a video that can help.

What Makes the Best Microwave to Use in an RV?

When you want to find the best microwave to use in your RV, there are a few things that can guide you. They are features that make the use of the microwave super convenient and safe, even as you travel the country with your RV.

The features to consider are:


The microwave’s wattage equals power, which ranges between 650 to 1950 watts. A microwave that cooks quickly has a higher wattage, of course. Microwave convection is excellent because it already has preset programs for cooking, but you may want one that lets you pick the settings.


RV microwave convection ovens are available in different sizes. When you look for a microwave for your RV, consider the space in the kitchen that you can afford. The oven door’s size is also one thing you’ll want to think about to ensure easier access, especially for hot and heavy dishes.


Microwaves’ capacity usually ranges between 0.6 to 2.0 cubic feet. A unit with 1.2 cubic feet at least is ideal for a large family. This unit has more interior space, meaning you can cook various dishes at a time. You should also check the height of the interior and the size of the racks when comparing models.

Automatic Sensors

Microwaves with automatic sensors are great because they let you know when food is cooked enough through quick alerts. The automatic sensors, consisting of humidity and temperature sensors, do this by measuring the steam. It then turns off automatically when food is ready.

Child Lock

This feature is essential if you have kids or anyone unfamiliar with how microwaves work. With the child lock, you can prevent anyone from switching the unit on accidentally. You have to activate this feature, so ensure that you are familiar with the buttons on your microwave convection.

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What About the Power Used by the Microwave? 

Microwaves utilize lots of powers, and motor homes usually do not have excessive power to spare. Average domestic microwaves use about 1200 watts, similar to toaster, hairdryer, and kettle. These are not suited for motor homes due to requiring a 16-amp electrical hookup that many sites don’t supply.

Microwaves take in a tremendous amount of power in the first milliseconds after switching them on. This is enough to trip the hook up of campsites. Because of this, it is crucial to learn more about powering a microwave in RV so that you can properly use the device.

Microwave RV Should Match the Vehicle’s Electrical System 

Most RVs come outfitted with two electrical frameworks- an AC or Alternating Current and DC or Direct Current System. If you clearly understand these diverse RV electric frameworks, you can skip this part.

But for those who still need clearer insights about the kinds of RV microwaves out there, then let’s continue. If you are still trying to sort out which microwave is best for their circumstance, reading these contents is ultimately helpful.

DC Power 

When outdoors in your RV, either you have electric hookups at the campground or don’t. If you don’t, you rely on the energy you have in your battery to control any electronic machines. This is likewise known as DC power.

In case you have sun-powered boards or generators, you will have the option to recharge the power in your battery. Adding greater power or electricity to your RV battery will broaden the measure of time you can utilize the battery.

However, this won’t permit you to run appliances requiring a lot more electrical flow or current. Thus, you can see that there’s a restricted number of devices that you can run inside your RV from just DC power.

Smaller appliances like water pump, radio, fans, and overhead lights that don’t draw excessive energy can run on DC power. Appliances that can be connected to your wall outlets require AC power. Very few can function on the DC power from an RV battery, and that includes microwaves.

AC Power 

AC power pertains to the energy that you’ll get if you’re connected with a 30 or a 50 Amp electrical post, such as in your campground. Such a power source will produce enough power to run all the bigger appliances in your RV that can’t run merely on DC power. AC power can undoubtedly run a microwave in your RV regardless of the size.

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Tips Using Microwave

Helpful Tips When Using Microwave in RV

As soon as you have picked and purchased the suitable microwave, make sure you know how to use it. The following are tips that can help you:

  • Check your microwave and get familiar with the model before using it.
  • Do not overlook even the unit’s minor flaws, for these can be causes of more serious problems later on. 
  • Preheat the oven as deemed necessary.
  • Make sure that you know how to use the components that come with your unit. 
  • Set the right cooking and baking time, depending on the foods you will prepare and cook.
  • Clean the oven after use.


RV microwaves function precisely the same as any other microwave. So, can you use any microwave in an RV? Yes. Using any microwave in a recreational vehicle is highly possible. To get the best cooking results, make sure to choose the best unit with excellent features to support your cooking needs.

Through the years, the microwave oven has become a standard appliance for all homes. It is safe to say that there is no home without a microwave oven. If you are looking for a microwave oven that best fits your needs, You find the right website.

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