6 Microwave Cabinet Ideas
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6 Microwave Cabinet Ideas You Could Use for Limited Kitchen Spaces

Small kitchen? No problem. You can fit in your microwave a multitude of ways, from getting OTR sot built-ins. Getting the microwave inside a cabinet serves as a particularly effective way of storing away the cooking appliance so it doesn’t waste precious countertop space.

In any case, putting a microwave inside your cabinet requires planning and creativity. Thusly, this article exists to showcase 06 microwave cabinet ideas you could use to ensure a superb installation job.

What Benefits Can You Get from Cabinets?

The cabinet stores items in your kitchen, particularly the ones you don’t wish to just lie around on your countertop, kitchen sink, and so forth. They differ from a kitchen rack or shelf in that they store seldom-used items rather than regularly used ones that require immediate hand access.

When it comes to microwaves, you need either huge, deep cabinets to house huge, deep countertop microwaves or a sufficiently sized built-in, or a smaller cabinet housing compact microwaves. They keep these machines out of your way when not in use, thus freeing up countertop space.

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Additional Accessibility and Immediate Easy Storage

Furthermore, cabinets keep your microwaves accessible when it comes to streamlining your meal prep or heating up leftovers in minutes. Even if you have a busy schedule of Zoom meetings or work ahead of y you, you can spare less than 15 minutes of your time to prepare homemade meals instantly.

So you can either turn your microwave into a cabinet with a microwave interior inside or place an existing countertop unit inside the cabinet and hiding it there behind closed cabinet doors. You can even turn towards the convenience of microwave drawers if you wish.

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06 Microwave Cabinet Ideas for 2021

Without further ado, here are 6 microwave cabinet storage, design, and installation ideas you could use to better keep your microwave safe and tucked away when you don’t need it.

1. Utilizing the Existing Cabinet and Buying a Compact Microwave for It

microwaves into a cabinet
microwaves into a cabinet

You can tuck countertop microwaves into a cabinet or shelf to give you a built-in look. Even more so if you have a trim kit available for your freestanding device. It enables you to move the microwave off of it if you need to. For the purpose of safety, find a place that gives you a landing space below it.

The tighter the microwave fits into the space the more built-in it appears. However, you still need three inches of space on the sides and up top and an inch below for ventilation purposes.

2. Measuring Your Microwave and Building a Cabinet Around It

Instead of finding a microwave, you can buy, build, or install a custom cabinet around it if you have the DIY skills to do so or know someone who could do the labor for you. Building cabinetry around an existing freestanding or built-in device typically requires no demolition of walls or whatnot.


This makes for an affordable cabinet option for a microwave you’ve already bought. However, because of the gaps between the cabinetry and microwave, you might not get the flush look of a customized built-in unit. The trim kit should help solve that though.

3. Hide the Microwave Behind the Cabinet Door

Microwave Behind the Cabinet Door
Microwave Behind the Cabinet Door

Another good microwave cabinet idea involves hiding the unit behind the cabinet door. Placing it inside the cabinet or garage stores the unit behind a door that blends with the rest of your cabinetry or interior when you don’t need the appliance.

In kitchens with limited real estate, use tambour doors. This door type lifts up like a garage door and gets out of the way in order to access the microwave doors. This gives your unit an immediate landing space without keeping the microwave visible on your counter.

However, the addition of a door comes at the price of extra installation requirements and labor costs.

4. Over-the-Range Microwave Cabinetry vs. Hood Vent

The OTR microwave
The OTR Microwave

OTR microwaves can be fitted into cabinetry right above the stove. It can then serve as a ductless vent over the gas range. Preferably, it should replace an existing hood vent or be installed like a hood vent over the stove so that you have ducts leading outside to attain better ventilation services.

If you’re pressed for space, the way to go involves installing OTR microwaves on overhead cabinets or as hood vents. This allows you to integrate the device with upper cabinets while also grouping it with the range below. This gives your kitchen a showroom showcase or streamlined appearance.

5. Use a Trim Kit Around the Microwave Cabinetry

a built-in microwave with a trim kit
built-in microwave with a trim kit

Aside from building a cabinet around an existing microwave, you can also do a built-in finish on even a countertop microwave by using a trim kit. This kit fills the gaps on the microwave to create a more integrated appearance, like the cabinet and microwave came in one unit.

Quite a number of microwaves can be fitted with a trim kit. Some manufacturers make trim kits on certain models of their freestanding line. Third-party suppliers also supply universal-fit trim kits for certain models of microwaves for good measure.

6. Install a Microwave Drawer on Your Cabinet or Shelf Space

Inside the Drawer Shelf
Inside the Drawer Shelf

To get a more discrete appearance from your microwave cabinet storage scheme, go for a drawer-style microwave. This built-in microwave variant can be placed on an island or anywhere below the countertop, whether it’s a shelf or a cabinet.

Just watch out for the expensiveness of such a microwave. The idea here involves tucking the drawer-style microwave below the counter in order to easily access it when needed like a dishwasher.

The counter on top of it serves as the landing space for heated food, naturally. This also reduces space demands on your countertop for good measure.


Aside from microwave cabinets and built-ins, you can also avail of microwave stands to get adequate storage accessibility for the cooking machine and various other kitchen paraphernalia. Otherwise, you can tuck your microwave in open shelves or have it double as a hood vent.

OTR or over-the-range microwaves possess fans that ventilate your kitchen while also having the ability to cook or reheat your meals over your stove. Built-ins work best with cabinets or shelves—more so the latter since they usually have their front panel serving as the door of your new microwave cabinet.


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