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    22 Surprising Things Your Microwave Can Do

    Microwave oven makes it easier to live your life, or at least easily do defrosting, cooking, heating, and reheating at the push of a button. Furthermore, if you’re only using the oven to heat up TV dinners, you’re only using a small fraction of the machine’s abilities. You can use it as a convection tool, a scientific laboratory, a baker’s oven alternative, and a crafting companion, among many other things. The arrival of smart microwaves also harkened the ability for device-to-device communication. What Are The Things You Didn’t Know Your Microwave Could Do? The wheelhouse of the microwave contains almost everything in terms of capabilities. No wonder the government instituted…

  • What Are The Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave?
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    What Are The Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave?

    The things you should obviously put inside your microwave oven include food and food containers. Everything else should not be put inside your microwave because you risk ruining them and/or ruining your expensive electronic appliance. Don’t try what the YouTube Channel about microwaving things other than food at home because they tend to ruin their microwave units at the end of their videos. You may also like: What Can You Put in a Microwave? What are the things you should never put in the microwave? Anything that’s not food. While we’re at it, there is the food you shouldn’t microwave either because they tend to build internal pressure and burst or…

  • What are the Best Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen
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    What are the Best Places to Put the Microwave in Your Kitchen?

    There are many places in your kitchen where you can place your microwave. If you have enough space to spare in your kitchen then you can buy or build a table or shelf exclusively for its use. However, if you lack space and you have a small kitchen then you need to figure out where to place your huge microwave while still saving space. After all, there’s a wealth disparity between Gen Z/Millennials versus Baby Boomers. Most of the young people of the new generation have smaller apartments or homes with limited kitchen space. You may also like: Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen? As such, it’s only…

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    What Can You Put in a Microwave?

    Certain things can be microwaved safely. Certain things aren’t. In terms of containers, you can microwave ceramic and (certain) glassware. Styrofoam, plastic, and cardboard require a microwave-safe label on them to be considered safe. In terms of food, most of them are safe. The main things or foods to watch out for are greasy or fatty dishes. You need a microwave-safe cover or lid over them in order to keep them from making too much of a mess inside your oven. Further reading: What are Microwave Safe Materials? Microwaving potentially expired food is a no-no unless you want to spend a whole day cleaning and deodorizing your oven. We can…

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    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Microwave Oven that Best Fits Your Needs

    Through the years, the microwave oven has become a standard appliance for all homes. It is safe to say that there is no home without a microwave oven. Since its emergence in the 1940s, we have depended on this metal box for heating and defrosting food, melting baking ingredients, and popping that popcorn for movie nights. The microwave craze has not died down and there have been a lot of upgrades to this magical appliance through the passing of time. If you are looking for a microwave oven that best fits your needs, you are in for a major treat because this post is the ultimate guide for you. Read…