Is Rae Dunn Microwave-Safe
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Is Rae Dunn Microwave-Safe? Learn More about Rae Dunn and Its Microwaveability!

There many types of dishware and dinnerware brands around currently. In light of this fact, are the most popular of these brands necessarily the most dependable food containers when it comes to reheating food in your ol’ trusty microwave? Or are they too fragile to take those rays of radiowaves?

While we’re on the topic, is Rae Dunn microwave-safe or not? Durable Rae Dunn mugs, pots, glasses, dishes, and bowls are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Rae Dunn clayware mostly makes pottery, by the way.

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Is Rae Dunn Microwave-Safe?

So is Rae Dunn pottery and clayware microwave-safe or not? According to celebrated potter Rae Dunn herself, you can absolutely put her Rae Dunn brand clayware safely into the microwave. Her handmade products are every bit as high quality as the best ceramics in the nation.

Therefore, they should have about the same quality as at least the average clayware in terms of microwaveability or being microwaveable. You certainly have the vote of confidence of the maker of Rae Dunn clayware herself, Rae Dunn, claiming you should “Microwave away!” with them.

Is Rae Dunn Microwave-Safe
Is Rae Dunn Microwave-Safe? (Image Credit by Stefani)

Is Her Cookware Worth Using for Cooking and Baking?

She also makes bake and cake pans for conventional oven use. They’ve been made specifically to be used for baking and making cakes, she claims. Many of those who’ve tried out her Rae Dunn brand clayware can attest to their baking quality for good measure.

Be careful if you value your Rae Dunn pieces. You wouldn’t leave your Picasso or Van Gogh art pieces out in the open for ultraviolet rays to ruin their paint pigments. Take care of your Rae Dunns the same way you’d take care of other celebrity works of art.

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What is Rae Dunn?

Rae Dunn in the context of microwaveablity or being microwave-safe is a famous brand of clayware pottery, mugs, cookware, and dishware. The eponymous Rae Dunn brand is named after the person who makes them.

The celebrated potter known as Rae Dunn makes some highly coveted clay pieces with the distinct long, black letters to them. She sells these handcrafted clay pieces at nominal prices, and many homemakers could not get enough of them.

In fact, her pottery and clayware for mugs and dinnerware have thousands of fans all over the world. Yes, her brand is quite niche in the grand scheme of things but she nevertheless made a name for herself creating them and selling them under her name and brand.

Rae Dunn
Rae Dunn (Image Credit by Stefani)

Who is Rae Dunn?

Rae Dunn is a native of California. She currently lives in the Bay Area of San Francisco. She got a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design. For several years, she built up her reputation as a professional fashion designer and freelance graphic artist.

She then discovered clay and started making her own clay pieces, from mugs to dishes and so forth. It’s her branding, artistry, and humble beginnings that gave value to her personal clay-based crafts, thus thousands all over the U.S. and overseas began collecting her works.

Clay has actually been her passion since 1994. Now, almost 30 years later, and she has perfected her craft, with many Americans from far and wide buying her professional-grade ceramics at great prices. They’re quality dishes and containers on their own but with the artistic touch of a celebrated artist.

Is Rae Dunn Dishwasher-Safe?

You’re now aware that Rae Dunn is microwave-safe, but what about dishwashers? Is a Rae Dunn piece of pottery or clayware necessarily dishwasher-safe as well? According to the potter herself, her workpieces are quality tested to ensure that they’re dishwasher-safe too.

The artist herself guarantees that her pottery is safe for dishwasher use. However, she does warn that you should be careful in your placement in the dishwasher since most breakage accidents occur in terms of where you place those cups, mugs, and plates.

Because the dishwasher has a tendency to rumble, clank, and shake, you could end up with many cracks if the dishes come into contact with one another and break apart. Aside from that, earthenware or clayware is notorious for chipping compared to other ceramics like stoneware and ironware.

Hand Wash Your Rae Dunn Clayware to Be on the Safe Side

Err on the side of caution and simply hand-wash all your Rae Dunn items. They could be used with a dishwasher as long as you space them out so that they don’t collide with one another and cause chipping and breakage that all earthenware or clayware ceramics are susceptible to.

Rae Dunn herself regularly washes her favorite clothes by hand, especially the delicates made of silk, satin, lace, and sheer fabric. She suggests to all her Rae Dunn clayware consumers to do the same with their collections to keep them free of cracks, chips, and fractures.

If you absolutely wish to clean your Rae Dunn dishware in the dishwasher, be sure to put in ample spacing between bowls and mugs to avoid collision with each other as the machine does its thing. So far, this should work great. It’s social distancing for dinnerware!

What Should You Do If You Notice a Crack on Your Rae Dunn Clayware?

Rae Dunn mentioned that cracks could happen due to dishwasher shenanigans, shipping and handling or in your shopping bag after buying her wares straight from one of many participating stores. She also says if the item is cracked, you should refrain from using it.

The cracked item is now a display piece instead of a functional one. Don’t microwave it and especially don’t clean it using a dishwashing machine. For cracked items, she suggests putting such plates on plate hangers or leaving such mugs on the shelf to prevent further damage.

As for quality control of her products, she assures that things like planters could withstand constant watering and clay birdhouses can be left outside, exposed to the elements, without breaking down so easily.

In Conclusion

Yes, like any other topnotch ceramics and earthenware, Rae Dunn clay dishes, mugs, cups, plates, bowls, and pots are all microwave-safe. Also, like any other ceramics piece, if they have cracks you shouldn’t microwave them.

They’re susceptible to breakage if you accidentally drop them but that’s the “flaw” of any plate. They’ll last you a lifetime or beyond it if you take care of them. They’re also susceptible for thermal shock (microwaving them straight from the fridge can lead to breakage), so be careful with that as well.


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