Is Duralex Microwave-Safe
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Is Duralex Microwave-Safe?

Is Duralex microwave-friendly or safe to microwave? Well, yes. It mostly makes glassware and glass for the most part can take the heat of the microwave or even the oven unless stated otherwise. Wish to learn more? Keep reading to find out!

Duralex makes bowls, storage containers, bakeware, dinnerware, collections, gifts, and so forth. It’s also available in various outlets in the U.S. Glassware is the company’s main trade, making dishes and food containers as well as baking pans for use with your various cooking appliances and devices.

So is Duralex glassware microwave-safe or not? Keep on reading to find out. Glassware might be more susceptible to thermal shock or breakage from sudden temperature drops, rises, or changes, but by using the glassware properly this becomes an unlikely risk.

Is Duralex Microwave-Safe?

Duralex glassware is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. There are people who have concerns about the durability of soda-lime glass compared to borosilicate glass, but Duralex shows that at the very least it’s perfectly serviceable in being microwaved. It won’t crack easily if you handle it right.

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Collision and sudden temperature changes are its main enemies. Aside from that, it’s perfectly safe to microwave since very rarely does the microwave even reach the heat of a traditional oven (known as superheating, and it usually involves metals or super-conductive objects).

Glass and glassware can famously withstand high amounts of heat before breakage happens and even then it’s likelier to break from the temperature changes or drop than a super-high microwave temperature.

Is Duralex Microwave-Safe
Is Duralex Microwave-Safe?

Behold the Power of Duralex’s Tempered Glass

Duralex glassware uses tempered glass. This means it has a superb thermal resistance and mechanical resistance compared to, say, thinner glass made of subpar or weaker materials.  Don’t underestimate the tempered soda-lime glass that’s now the standard over borosilicate glass.

Duralex tempered glass is shock-resistant but sometimes it’s better to err on the side of caution and play it safe by avoiding thermal shock incidents. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, after all.

Ordinary Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Ordinary glassware products like a wine glass shouldn’t be put inside the microwave because the heat will make them shatter with their easy-to-break glass. Tempered glass is made of sterner stuff, thus ensuring they’re 100% recyclable because their glass is made to last.

The Duralex glass can specifically be melted and remade. On this planet, glass ranks high among the most recyclable materials in the world. Soda-lime glass is derived from limestone, sand, and soda ash. Therefore, it’s completely cadmium-free and lead-free.

Duralex’s Deeply Cares About the Environment

Duralex glass, unlike pharmaceutical glass or boron-based cooking glass, can be recycled. This makes it more affordable and less damaging to the environment. It’s approved by conservationists and environmentalists everywhere.

All of Duralex’s ingredients get bought close to their factories to reduce their transportation-based carbon footprint. Moreover, the Duralex staff and crew have a strong commitment to reduce the ecological impact of their manufacturing, thus they use a cutting-edge melting furnace or oven.

The State-of-the-Art Furnace and Their Manufacturing Processes

The state-of-the-art oven reduces their energy consumption significantly. They also recycle their own glass in order to integrate it into their “house composition”, which decreases their melting temperature and optimizes their energy consumption when push comes to shove.

The Duralex factories also have a particle filter installed in order to treat the fumes coming out of their furnace, which then helps them recover raw materials they can inject back into the oven for pure recycling optimization.

What Exactly Can You Expect from Duralex’s Glassware?

Duralex glassware is microwave-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe. This makes it easy to reheat food with, easy to store, and easy to clean with its tempered glass that doesn’t easily break. It’s specifically impact-resistant and chip-resistant. To wit:

  • Durability: It’s one of the most durable glassware products out there. To be more specific, it’s about 2.5 times stronger than ordinary glass or something akin to the strength of its strongest competitor, Pyrex bakeware.
  • Made in France: Duralex originates from the country of France. It’s a brand that’s been around since 1939 or almost 83 years at the time of this writing. This means it has almost 100 years of experience on what works as far as microwaveable glassware is concerned.
  • Modern Glassware: It has also shifted to soda-lime glass from borosilicate glass not to cut down on costs but to use modern adaptable glassware that can go from freezer to microwave or get washed in the dishwasher without resulting in thermal shock or breakage.
  • Shock Resistance: Although we’ve warned the reader constantly about being careful of thermal shock, the tempered Duralex glassware can withstand sudden temperature extremes ranging from -4°F to 266°F. This makes it suitable for cold or hot solid or liquid food.
  • Safety: Duralex is also safe when shattered. To be more specific, if it’s broken by sudden collision, shock, or extreme superheat from the microwave or oven, it shattered into small pieces instead of sharp shards to reduce injury risk on your part as well as ensure easy cleanup.
  • Hygienic and Stackable: Duralex is food-safe and nonporous, so it doesn’t absorb liquid that could lead to bacterial formation. It’s also stackable. You can stack Duralex products like glasses and bowls conveniently to save you space on storage.
  • Top of the Line: Duralex also observes stringent quality control as involved as their manufacturing processes in order to give you long-lasting and durable products that don’t break easily and can take a lot of abuse or accidental drops.
  • Ovenchef: Duralex also has a line of ovenware known as Duralex Ovenchef. This range of products uses reinforced tempered glass that goes beyond microwave-safe and becomes outright oven-safe and can take high thermal shock or temperatures of up to 200°C or 392°F.

What Else You Need to Know

Duralex glassware can be microwaved as long as you don’t overheat it and use common sense to avoid things like a thermal shock. For example, allow the hot glassware to cool down a little bit before serving your food or placing it out of your microwave. Ditto with bakeware.

Or you should avoid having it get into contact with anything that can change its temperature suddenly, like say a sink full of cold soapy water. The stress caused by a super-hot object suddenly having its temperature drop can lead to glass breakage or cracking.


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