How to Set Clock on Hamilton Beach Microwave
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How to Set Clock on Hamilton Beach Microwave?

If you don’t want to get late when fixing yourself lunch or breakfast in your kitchen, it won’t hurt to have a clock setting available on your microwave oven. Here’s how you can set the clock on a typical Hamilton Beach Microwave.

The Hamilton Beach Microwave 87108 has a 23 or 12-hour clock. You can set it up in order to see what the time is every time you turn on your microwave. However, it necessitates keeping your microwave plugged in the whole while. Some people would rather unplug their microwave every time.

If you wish to know how to set the clock on the Hamilton Beach microwave, keep on reading to find out. Or you can just follow the instructions on the Hamilton Beach Microwave manual.

How to Set Clock on Hamilton Beach Microwave

You can select the Hamilton Beach Microwave clock by pressing the CLOCK pad. When cooking, the current time should be seen when you touch this pad. For instance, if you wish to set the oven clock time at 8:30, touch the CLOCK pad once during standby mode to choose the 12-hour clock.

Press the pad again to get 24 hour time. Use your number pads to enter the time. Press the START/+30SEC pad to complete the setting.

How to Set Clock on Hamilton Beach Microwave
How to Set Clock on Hamilton Beach Microwave

Troubleshooting Your Clock Setting

Indeed, the battery on your wall clock might run out and give you an inaccurate time. At least with the plugged-in microwave, you’re assured of relative clock accuracy.

If your Hamilton Beach Microwave keeps returning to 00:00 every time you set the time, it’s important to remember to press the START/+30SEC pad instead of the CLOCK pad to complete the setting. Don’t hit the CLOCK pad again, it just resets the time or cancels your input.

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How Do You Set the Hamilton Beach Microwave Kitchen Timer?

During cooking or on standby state, touch the KITCHEN TIMER pad. Now you can put in the amount time you wish to count down by touching the number pad. You can get a maximum timer time of 99 minutes and 99 seconds. To start, press START/+30SEC.

You can use the timer function on any cooking process, from defrosting to reheating as well as simple cooking. Check the countdown time by pressing the KITCHEN TIMER pad. However, if you push the STOP/CLEAR pad, it cancels the function.

How Do You Reset a Hamilton Beach Microwave?

In order to softly reset the microwave, just turn it off or unplug it. This cancels or erases the program inputted unto the machine. For a hard reset, just press the Off/Clear button.

Pressing this button then holding it for 3 seconds can also cancel or resolve the Control Lock feature of the device in case you’ve accidentally locked the controls and you can’t operate the microwave. Control Lock exists in order to safeguard your device from children operating it.

Hamilton Beach Microwave Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of Hamilton Beach Microwave 87108 includes its 900 watts of power, 0.9 cubic feet of oven capacity, an instructive talking programmable feature, 10 power levels, and interchangeable voice language feature between English and Spanish.

It’s a light-duty microwave with a mid-sized capacity but the turntable has an impressive diameter for a microwave its size.  It’s ideal for middle-class families at an affordable price since it’s a 900-watt instead of a 1-kilowatt oven.

Microwave Specifications and Functions

Its power source requires 120 volts and 60 hertz. Although it has the wattage of 900 watts it consumes 1,450 watts of power. The turntable has 12.4 inches of diameter. The net weight of the device is 30.5 pounds and its external dimensions are 20.1 x 17 x 11.2 inches.

It also has a programmable Clock, Kitchen Timer, Remind Signal, Time Cook, and Time and Weight Defrost. It also has a turntable, blue LED electronic digital display, 5 memory setting buttons, 5 express one-touch settings, and 8 instant settings for common foods.

Hamilton Beach Microwave Safety Instructions

If you wish to reduce your risk of exposure to excessive microwave energy, injury on your person, fire, electric shock, and burns, you should do the following.

  • Before using the microwave oven, read all its instructions on the user manual.
  • You need to have the appliance grounded. Connect only to an outlet with proper grounding.
  • Install or place the microwave oven only according to the installation instructions on your user manual.
  • Don’t microwave items such as closed glass jars, whole eggs, and any other sealed containers. Doing so can make them explode due to building pressurized heat.
  • Only use the microwave for what it’s intended for, which is cooking the food, reheating cooked food, or defrosting frozen food.
  • Don’t use corrosive vapors or chemicals inside the oven. This microwave type got made for the sake of heating, cooking, or drying food. It’s not made for laboratory or industrial use.
  • Like with any other device, you should closely supervise your children when they use the microwave.
  • Don’t use the microwave if it has a damaged plug or cord. If it’s not working properly or if it’s been dropped or damaged, you should also cease attempting to use it.
  • This appliance should be fixed only by qualified service personnel. Contact the nearest service or facility for adjustment, examination, and repair.
  • Don’t block or cover openings on this appliance, specifically its vents.
  • Don’t place the microwave outdoors. Don’t use this product near the water or sink either. Ditto with a swimming pool, bathroom shower or bathtub, and similar places.
  • Keep the cord away from heated surfaces or wet places. Don’t immerse the plug or cord in water for good measure.
  • Keep the cord from hanging over the edge of the counter or table. It has resulted in accidental snags and drops more often than not.

Expectation and Reality

Long story short, press the CLOCK pad, go for 12 Hour Displays (pressing twice gets you Military 24 Hour Time), input the time then press START instead of CLOCK in order to set it.

By having the clock turned on with your Hamilton Beach Microwave, you’ll be able to keep track of the time when you’re at the kitchen preparing your snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even if you have a clock on the wall, you can at least have an extra clock to look at when push comes to shove.


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