How to Repaint the Inside of Your Microwave
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How to Repaint the Inside of Your Microwave?

How should you go about repainting the inside of your microwave after parts of it has rusted over? Should you hire a professional or do it yourself? Keep on reading to find out how to DIY.

If your microwave interior gets rusty you should fix it by getting someone or yourself to paint the cavity. Ditto if you have a cracking or peeling paint inside the unit. In regards to which paint you should use, it should be something that’s heat-proof and microwave-safe.

Avail of spray-on, brush-on, or sheet paint to ensure optimal results and a successful repaint when all is said and done. How to repaint the inside of your microwave? Keep on reading to find out.

How to Repaint the Inside of Your Microwave

When repainting the inside of your microwave, you should prep the work area. Don’t just paint it right off the bat!

Unplug the microwave first then prepare the inner cavity for repainting. Clean it up in order to remove grease, dirt, and debris. Use a sponge dipped in soapy warm water then squeeze out the excess.

You might even need to sand down the flaking paint or rust with sandpaper, and make sure the surface ends up ready for painting or retouching. It depends on the extent of the damage. Sometimes a sponge is enough and other times you should use sandpaper

After Repainting
After Repainting

Disinfect the Microwave 

Disinfect your whole microwave by wiping both inside and outside surfaces of the unit. Finish the wipe-down with dry cloth or a paper towel to make the drying time quicker.

If any paint has started to peel, remove most of it by fingernail and hand plus medium-grain sandpaper. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen the edges out afterwards. You can also use steel wool to clean out the sanded down parts to prevent future rusting off of the exposed area. 

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Removing Rust Stains

If you have rust stains present, then sandpaper them thusly too. If the rust stains are minor, just use the sponge and clean it out normally. You can then touch-up the rusted portions with the paint later.

If the damage has become extensive, you should sand down the rusty parts the best you could so that they’re easier to paint over with the brush-on or spray-on paint down the line. If the rust has spread too much though, consider buying a new unit.

Use the Correct Paint

You can use two types of paint to coat the interior of the microwave. The third type mostly does touchups. You can avail of brush-on paint or spray-on paint. The easiest to apply would be the spray-on paint because it saves you a lot of effort and time. 

Just shake and spray unto the interior and you’re good to go. It’s good for wide-area cover-up of rust damage. Meanwhile, brush painting allows you to handily deal with spot repairs. Ditto with sheet paint.

Shopping for Microwave-Safe Paint

Search for these paint types at most hardware stores but make sure to specify you’re using them for microwave repair so that you can be given heat-resistant or microwave-safe paint, such as enamel paint.

Also, watch out for some paints that have microwave-sensitive particles in them. They’re fine for walls and woodworking but they might not do so well inside your microwave oven. Also, avoid toxic paints that could contaminate the food you’re heating inside the device. 

To play things safe, you should ask the shopkeeper or attendant for assistance in choosing a microwave-safe type of paint. 

Testing the Paint Out 

Make sure to only spray the paint in an oven with a dry surface. Don’t spray on greasy or damp cavities. The paint won’t stick to those. Also, wear a protective mask, safety glasses, and rubber gloves to keep things clean and avoid getting health risks while spray-painting or brush-painting. 

Test a small area with paint to ensure adherence to the surface of the interior. After the paint dries, place a cup of water inside and run the oven at high temperature for a minute to see how the paint reacts.

Touch the inside of the oven walls to see if the paint isn’t any warmer than other oven surfaces. It pays to invest in heat-resistant paints for oven interior repair indeed.

Painting the Interior Itself

Once you’ve done all the prep work, you can now paint the microwave until the surface gets completely covered. Spray over the old paint with spray-on paint. Use multiple layers of brush-on paint until the damage disappears. 

As a rule of thumb, use thin layers of paint spread evenly across the interior, let it dry, and spray or brush another layer until you get the right thickness.

How to Avoid Smudging

Apply more than one coat to avoid smudging or caking on the paint. Make sure the microwave surface remains dry by wiping it clean or sanding out the bumps in between every coat. Don’t apply it wet, it just bunches up.

Apply the paint, let dry in accordance to the recommendations on the can or bottle (usually overnight), and then apply another layer. Multiple layers of uniform paint works better than a slapdash job of emptying the can unevenly. 

Keep the microwave door open to allow airflow to expedite the drying process. Touch the paint the next day then apply a new coat if completely dry.

Can You Paint the Inside of a Rusty Microwave?

Yes. However, if the rust has eaten right into the interior itself, resulting in extensive damage and pockmarks it might be more affordable to save up for a new microwave when push comes to shove.

Microwaves do develop rust when the original paint job gets scratched or starts flaking off, resulting in cosmetic damage that might progress into structural damage down the line. Make sure to remove as much rust as you can by sanding the rust down before spray-painting or brush-painting the cavity. 

After rust removal, the paint should cover much of the damage or defects of the microwave interior. Both brush-on and spray paint applications should work superbly on it. Sheet paint should be reserved for minor touchups.

The Big Picture 

Make sure you invest in a painting product that clearly states no ingredient used by it could cause harm to you, your children, or your pets. Check how toxic or nontoxic your paint is by reading the instructions on the container.

You can also go through the ingredients list used when manufacturing the product. If you wish to go ahead with your project, you should understand which products work best. For example, spray-on does wide area coverage while brush-on and sheet paint work best with minor touchups.


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