Can You Microwave Tofu
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Can You Microwave Tofu? Yeah, In More Ways Than One!

Can you microwave something like tofu? What is tofu anyway? Originally from Asia, tofu became popular in the west due to local Chinese takeouts that offer cubes of them with soup. Nowadays, it serves in the West as a vegan meat or protein substitute.

Originally from Asian countries like China and Japan, tofu gained popularity in western countries in North America and Europe thanks to the popularity of Chinese takeout restaurants. Specifically, they offer Hot and Sour soup with tiny cubes of firm tofu for most of their entrees.

If you wish to get tofu with a bite you might wish to consider cooking the tofu just right. With that in mind, can you microwave tofu?

Can You Microwave Tofu?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make tofu includes microwaving it. So yes, you can microwave tofu.

You won’t get a crispy texture for it like we personally like—we recommend pan frying or baking to get that result—but it’s a good method of prepping it to be served with veggies and rice. Most people prefer frying them by pan but the microwave oven should suffice.

If you wish to make tofu at this instant, you need the following ingredients:

  • A tablespoon of soy sauce
  • A teaspoon of rice vinegar
  • A small green onion (chopped)
  • A block of tofu (extra firm, firm, or medium)

Just remember that the microwave version of tofu yields some chicken-like or chewy results that works best as additives in curries or stir-fry.


How to Microwave Tofu 101

Make the entire block of tofu fit inside the microwave-safe plate by slicing it up into strips. It also cooks after this way.

The microwave should then radiate its radiowaves onto the bean material without any seasoning for about 1 to 2 minutes (recommended for 1-kilowatt microwaves) depending on the power level of your microwave.

Afterwards, remove as much of the water as you could by pressing or patting the resulting microwaved tofu dry. Mix on a separate bowl some green onion, vinegar, and soy sauce. Better to do this instead of putting the sauce while the tofu gets cooked, in our opinion.

The latter option can be followed, but we personally feel like it’s better to pour the liquid on top of the tofu and rice or dip the tofu in the sauce.

If your tofu ends up bland in taste, you can always make 2 batches of sauce instead.

For Those with the Tofu Press

You can also speed up the microwaving process or enhance the texture of your tofu with the assistance of the tofu press. You can search for it in Asian markets or buy one on Amazon if you research on it enough.

The press allows you to remove the excess water on the tofu before you cook it so that you won’t have to pat or press the tofu dry manually. Additionally, the dry tofu absorbs more of the sauce, allowing it to become more flavorful or umami.

The texture of the pressed tofu ends up denser and more delicious to boot. The best tofu press products should have high user ratings and favorable reviews in regards to their durability and dependability.

Mori-Nu Silken Tofu
Mori-Nu Silken Tofu

How to Microwave Tofu in Other Ways?

Just as there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s also more than one way to cook tofu via microwave. In particular, you can vary your results depending on the type of tofu you cook.

For this method, we recommend cooking extra firm or firm tofu for 5-6 minutes. You don’t have to drain them if you want to. To wit:

  • Method of Cutting: Cut the tofu into thick but small lengthwise strips measuring around 1 to 2 inches. Layer them into strips on your microwave-safe plate or bowl.
  • Add Sauce to Taste: Make the tofu taste like chicken by adding the vegan/standard Chicken broth powder unto them. You can also add a Sriracha marinade mixed with soy sauce or salt and pepper into the mix.
  • Coat Properly and Evenly: Coat each tofu piece carefully and give everything a good stir fro the best and most flavorful results. Layer the tofu properly after applying your choice of sauce or spices unto them.
  • Microwave fro 5-6 Minutes: Nuke the tofu pieces for 5 to 6 minutes or until the tofu looks chewy and dehydrated. Give them a taste test if you wish.
  • Turn Upside Down: After 3 minutes of the 5-6 minutes, turn the tofu strips upside-down or flip them over to microwave for another 2-3 minutes to ensure that they’re cooked as evenly as possible.

As you microwave the tofu strips, they have a tendency to get stuck unto one another, Spray a non-stick oil spray over them to keep this from happening. What’s more, the ones in the middle cook slower compared to the ones layered around the edge.

Make sure to constantly check the state of each strip. Remove the cooked strips and move the uncooked ones outward to the edge to prevent eating hard or chewing-gum-like tofu. Overcooking tofu turns them as hard as a laundry bar.

You can add the super-hard tofu strips unto curries and broth. As they soak into the sauce, they’ll swell up and give you a nice bite when push comes to shove.

Can You Eat Raw Tofu?

Can you eat raw tofu right out of its package? To be safe, it’s better to cook, bake, fry, or microwave the tofu first prior to consumption. We personally prefer the frying method because of its ease.

However, technically, you can eat the tofu right out of its package. The issue? It comes with some contamination risk, which might also happen when it’s manufactured. Do the right thing and practice safe storage or prep at home prior to consumption. Your stomach will thank you for it.


Like others out there, we’re not fans of the wiggly tofu that lacks bite to it. You can get better tofu by making it or buying ready-made tofu then cooking it to your heart’s desire. You have a multitude of ways to cook tofu, including microwaving it.

It’s the vegan protein that could. The meat substitute made of beans. You should cook tofu correctly in order to make it perfectly crispy, just the way we at this website personally like it.


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