Can You Microwave Qdoba Bowls
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Can You Microwave Qdoba Bowls?

Qdoba or QDOBA Mexican Eats® is a fast food restaurant with Mexican-style cuisine. It’s filled with various bowls and dishes such as the burrito bowl or the Chicken Queso Burrito. With that in mind, how should you go about reheating Qdoba delights?

Let’s say you ate some Qdoba earlier today, but you ended up in a food coma before you can finish it all because of all the delicious fresh ingredients. How can you go about reheating the dish? So can you microwave Qdoba bowls? Is the bowl itself microwave safe?

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Can You Microwave Qdoba Bowls?

Yes, you can microwave your Qdoba bowls. You can opt for 55 seconds of reheating or even the full minute. It should come out all right when push comes to shove. Just add cholula to get some flavor on the hot leftovers to fill you upright.

When reheating Qdoba bowls inside the microwave, it’s best to err on the side of caution and put your food into a ceramic bowl. This spares you the research and effort when looking into how microwave-safe their bowls are (and, chances are, they’re not).

Furthermore, pick out vegetables like the lettuce first. Hot, wilted lettuce is not appetizing. Also, when reheating your Qdoba leftovers, the quick and easy way is the microwave but there are other options available to you. For example, you can use a cast iron pan and your stove to reheat conductively.

Usually, the microwave is the no-mess, no-fuss way to go about reheating leftovers. Picking out vegetables is optional depending on how long reheating will take. Even when the food is on the first stages of freezing (when placed at the back of the refrigerator), a minute or less is enough.

Can You Microwave Qdoba Bowls
Can You Microwave Qdoba Bowls?


What’s a Qdoba Bowl Anyway?

A Qdoba or QDOBA bowl actually refers to multiple dishes offered by QDOBA Mexican Eats®. The restaurant regularly creates multiple bowl types, including the new Keto, Vegan, and Double Protein bowl options.

QDOBA itself is a fast casual restaurant chain in the United States of America and Canada. It serves Mexican-style cuisine. QDOBA was formerly known as Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill (1995-1997), Z-Teca Mexican Grill (1997-1999), and Qdoba Mexican Grill (1999-2015).

It has different bowls and dishes available such as the Impossible Fajita Bowl, Chicken Queso Burrito, Cholula Hot & Sweet Chicken, or the Chicken Protein Bowl. It offers the freshest ingredients in contrast to other fast food restaurants that value preservatives over a more organic taste.

It also makes sure its dishes are unique from anything else offered out there. For example, its Chicken Protein Bowl is a top seller composed of a double portion of grilled adobo chicken mixed with sautéed fajita vegetables and served with hand-smashed guacamole.

They also include in-house pico de gallo, salsa verde, black beans, and crisp lettuce into the mix.

Can You Microwave the Takeout Bowl of a Qdoba Bowl?

It’s also important to know whether or not the bowl itself of a Qdoba bowl can be heated inside the microwave though for safety’s sake. Again, we reiterate that your safest bet is to transfer the food to a plate since you’re assured that the plate can be reheated without leaching chemicals on your food.

Check the container if it has a microwave-safe label. If it doesn’t, don’t microwave it. Also, when reheating a lidded container, it’s just safe practice to microwave it without the lid or with the lid not locked into the bowl. Otherwise, use a piece of microwave-safe wax paper to prevent splatters.

Do your research on each container. Don’t assume that paper products are automatically microwaveable. In turn, presume that the plastic bowl is non-microwaveable until proven otherwise. This isn’t double standards. This is you always erring on the side of caution.

The path of least resistance when it comes to reheating Qdoba bowls or any other fast food or restaurant food leftover is to transfer the contents on a microwave-safe dish.

Can You Microwave Qdoba Queso Cups?

Queso (Cheese) cups with a fancy edible fajita container can be microwaved safely but not too long or else the cheese will end up burnt. To reheat them, microwave for half a minute. If it’s a queso dip inside a plastic container, put it in a ceramic container then microwave for 30 seconds at a time.

Stir the cheese every 30 seconds before heating it again for another 30 seconds. Stirring helps distribute the heat so that the queso will end becoming nice and runny instead of thick and pasty.

If a paper cup is empty or only has dry food in it (no moisture for the microwave to work with), the resulting reheating process can result in fire since the cup is pretty flammable. However, if the paper cup has some sort of liquid in it, then it’s perfectly safe.

Can You Microwave Chipotle Bowls?

How about Chipotle bowls? Are they microwaveable? Chipotle is itself a competitor of Qdoba, with it being a Mexican cuisine restaurant in its own right. It was founded back in July 13, 1993. It has branches all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France.

In many ways, Chipotle is even more popular than QDOBA. They also feature similar takeout packaging and bowls. On the part of the Chipotle bowl, as long as you take off the aluminum lid, it should be perfectly safe to microwave the bowl as is.

Again, erring on the side of caution is still your best bet. It’s suggested by most experts and the restaurant itself to use a microwave-safe container to reheat the meal instead of using the packaging bowl you got from the takeout counter.

You should always double-check the bottom of the Chipotle or Qdoba bowl if it has the “microwave-safe” label. If no such tag is present, then the bowl is likely not tested for safety and could leach off plasticizers all over your food when heated.

Final Things to Consider

It’s common to store leftovers in the refrigerator for consumption at a later date. Those Qdoba and Chipotle bowls can be too much on your stomach to eat in one sitting because Mexican food tends to be quite filling.

With that said, are Qdoba bowls safe to microwave? If they have the microwave-safe label, then sure they are. However, if the bowl is cracked or damaged in any way, it’s best to just microwave using a microwaveable ceramic bowl or dish.


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