Can You Microwave Pizza
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Can You Microwave Pizza or Should You Just Use an Oven?

Most people know how to microwave already baked pizza in order to reheat it. However, do they know how to bake an uncooked pizza using the microwave? Keep on reading to find out whether or not you can bake pizza with your microwave oven.

Who doesn’t like pizza? Italian cuisine is known globally to everyone. It’s a world-famous food item you can find anywhere in all four corners of the world map. It’s amazing how round dough baked to perfection with tomato sauce and your choice of toppings have become a somewhat universal dish.

With that in mind, can you microwave pizza in order to reheat or cook it? Or should you stick to baking it every time?

Can You Microwave Pizza?

Depends on the context. Can you microwave already cooked pizza? Yes. Just press the microwave pizza button. Is it possible to microwave oven pizza for cooking? No. Bake pizza using a conventional oven, a convection oven, or a convection microwave (a microwave with a convection mode).

Baking pizza is your best bet in cooking pizza. It takes 10 minutes and 350°F. If you choose to microwave an oven pizza, you need a microwaveable plate and you should cook it on the highest power for 30 to 60 seconds.

Can You Microwave Pizza
Can You Microwave Pizza

What About Microwavable Frozen Pizzas?

On one hand, the microwave pizza button is for reheating already cooked pizza. On the other hand, you can also avail of microwaveable pizza and follow the instructions on how to cook such pizzas.

Such pizzas can be taken straight out of the freezer to be cooked by your microwave alone. The microwave will do all the work for you. Just remember to remove all the packaging and place the pizza in question on a microwaveable ceramic plate.

What are the Signs of a Badly Microwaved Pizza?

You’ve microwaved your pizza wrong if the following things were to happen to it.

  • Burnt Crust: When microwaving a pizza for cooking or reheating, you’re likely to burn its crust. Not necessarily charcoal black. Instead, when microwaved, the crust becomes hard and dry.
  • Cold Center: A common issue with microwaved pizza involves the center remaining cold while the toppings, crust, and outer parts get hot. The eye of the storm remains cold, making it icky to eat.
  • Soggy Toppings: The toppings could also end up becoming soggy and wet when reheated. You should microwave the toppings just right so that they taste hot and fresh instead of yucky and sad. It’s basically a balancing act, to be honest.

How Do You Properly Reheat Leftover Pizza?

If you have a couple of slices of leftover pizza in your refrigerator, you can microwave them by pressing the pizza button. However, only press that button for thick slice pizza with loads of toppings. Thin slice pizza requires only under a minute or less of microwaving.

Always Use a Microwave-Safe Dish

Avoid reheating your pizza in a non-safe and non-microwavable dish that can leach BPA if it’s plastic or break apart if it’s thin glass or ceramic.

This will keep you from having your pizza end up on the floor or taste weird. You’ll also prevent your food from becoming contaminated or making an explosive mess inside your poor microwave oven.

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Cover the Dish with an Oven Cloth

Aside from using a microwave-safe dish to protect your hands without mittens or pot holders, you can also protect yourself further with an oven cloth.

Use your apron, oven mitts, pot holders, and whatnot in order to protect your hands from getting scalded from extra-hot leftover pizza heated straight inside the microwave. This allows you to freely reheat anything in the appliance without hurting yourself.

Heat Up Your Leftover Pizza Using Low Power

The pizza button setting or your manual setting should use lower power to heat up the leftover pizza. The higher the power the more likely you’ll end up with a quickly cooked pizza with a burnt crust, cold center, and soggy toppings.

Meanwhile, a lower power setting allows controlled radiation to spread across the pizza slice along with natural heat conduction from the parts of your pizza that get hot first overtime.

Separate Certain Toppings When Reheating

Take out the toppings like onion, bacon, and pepperoni so that your pizza dough, cheese, and sauce can heat up a lot faster and more evenly instead of a chaotic reheating that cooks the toppings first and the crust last.

As a rule of thumb, most of the toppings should be removed except for the cheese and sauce. You can look up which toppings can be left on the pizza and which should be absolutely removed if you wish.

Add Some Water to Deal with a Crispy Crust

There’s a thin line between burnt crush and delicious crispy crust. Sometimes, it’s hard to judge if your slice is too microwaved or it needs more cooking time before you need to remove it from your microwave oven.

You can add ¼ cup of water to the dish and let your pizza sit for an extra minute or so. It’s being cooked by steaming essentially. The steam softens up the top surface of the pizza.

After a couple of minutes, check the progress of your cooking pizza. Decide then and there if you need to microwave it more or not.

Let It Stand for 2 Minutes After Reheating

Allow the pizza to stand for 2 minutes. You can now add the toppings to the hot pizza to help them cook. The first minute helps cook the pizza in its own juices and the next minute allows it to cool down.

This will keep you from scalding your lips when eating the reheated pizza. Don’t underestimate how fast your cold pizza can go from cold to hot or even frozen to hot if you’re making microwaveable pizza. Letting it sit and cool down also restores some of the moisture it lost while being microwaved.

More to the Point

Can you microwave pizza? Depends on the type of pizza and what sort of microwaving you wish to do. Can you microwave a pizza made for an oven? It’ll take some finagling with the microwave settings but the end result isn’t as desirable as the “real thing” baked in a “real” oven.

Can you microwave already baked pizza? Yes. The button for reheating a slice or two of such a pizza usually doubles as the popcorn button on most microwaves. Can you microwave frozen pizzas? Yes, but it’s not as good as baked pizza. It’s best to avail of microwaveable pizza instead.


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