Can You Microwave Nutella
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Can You Microwave Nutella?

Can you microwave Nutella like you’re making S’mores? Or will you get terrible results, like when you attempt to toast bread in the microwave and end up with gummy or chewy bread with barely any crispness to it?

Chocolate is expensive. Therefore, the makers of Nutella found a way to make a relatively cheaper chocolate spread. It involves making hazelnut syrup as a filler (along with loads of sugar) in order to amass more chocolate spread jars, thus reducing its cost.

However, in regards to toasting or heating Nutella sandwiches, can you microwave Nutella or can you not? Should you melt it instead on the stove or the standard oven? What should you do?

Can You Microwave Nutella?

Yes. You can microwave Nutella. However, you can microwave it right or wrong as well. The ideal way to make the thick paste into spreadable chocolate syrup you can drizzle over almost any dessert or baked good involves putting in the right settings on your microwave oven.

You need to melt it correctly so that it doesn’t turn into a mess that’s all over your microwaveable plate. You have to observe some tips and tricks in order to melt instead of toast the Nutella into your sandwich or dessert.


What’s Supposed to Happen When You Microwave Nutella?

Properly microwaved Nutella that observes all the correct safety measures tend to spread like chocolate butter (more like hazelnut butter with chocolate mixed in) over bread or toast. It melts in a nutty and syrupy way, like silky smooth cake frosting.

It’s so smooth and delicious it borders on being illegal. Like Hershey’s Kisses with almonds but in spreadable form. If you microwave Nutella wrongly or too much, the paste becomes overcooked and hardened, so you couldn’t spread it like liquid chocolate.

The Nutella can go from thick and spreadable to liquid soup in less than a minute or rock hard toasted chocolate in a full minute.

Tips and Tricks When Microwaving Nutella

So can you melt Nutella paste in the microwave? Yes. However, you need to be careful about overcooking it. When you get a hard choco-nut mixture, you might as well make S’mores out of it and microwave a fresh batch.

Here are some tricks and tips you should follow to properly microwave Nutella without making some sort of mess.

  • Don’t Microwave Inside the Original Jar: The jar isn’t microwaveable and could even crack from the heat or pressure, causing a chaotic mess and danger due to shattered glass pieces.
  • Put Nutella in a Microwaveable Container: The Nutella paste should be transferred into a microwave-safe bowl or jar made of thick glass or ceramic. Maybe even microwaveable plastic.
  • Cover the Container: To protect the moisture levels of the paste, always cover the container prior to microwaving. Even better if you find a tank to put the paste.
  • Short-Burst Microwaving: Microwave the Nutella paste in short bursts of 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Stir thoroughly between every burst for less than a minute.
  • Stop When You Get Melted Chocolate: You want to stop when the chocolate gets melted but not in a soup but more like spreadable jam or butter. Something like peanut butter since Nutella also gets nutty as well.

The potential of Nutella goes beyond being a sandwich spread. It could also be turned into hazelnut chocolate syrup that you can pour or drizzle into anything you eat, from muffins to toast to cakes and beyond.

Safety First When Microwaving Nutella

You need to observe two safety measures prior to microwaving Nutella. Never stick your glass or plastic jar of store-bought Nutella into your microwave opened or un-opened. In fact, it’s better to take the paste out and melt it on a separate plate, bowl, or tank.

Your Nutella jar should be sealed with aluminum foil to ensure its freshness. Refuse to buy a jar of already opened Nutella with the seal broken. Avoid having aluminum end up inside your microwave. This will spark and pop or damage the interior.

Don’t Microwave Nutella in Its Glass Jar

Just because you’ve bought imported Nutella in glass containers doesn’t mean you can microwave the Nutella straight in its jar. Instead, portion out the Nutella you wish to turn into syrup on the right microwave-safe bowl and melt it in 20-second increments for less than a minute.

Naturally, this ban goes double Nutella in a plastic jar. As a rule of thumb avoid microwaving things on plastic containers. Even microwave-safe ones have limits. Old, cracked plastic containers shouldn’t be microwaved either even if they’re labeled microwave-safe.

Practicing Portion Control

Speaking of portions, now that you know Nutella shouldn’t be microwaved out of the jar, you should transfer the right portion of paste unto a microwave-safe container, jar, tank, or bowl. It will serve as your means of melting the chocolate without making a mess.

Just scoop the right amount of Nutella—about a handful or dollop of it, enough to spread on several pieces of toast or a few slices of vanilla cake—then transfer it on a ceramic, glass, Pyrex, or microwaveable plastic container.

You should get one with a lid to keep the chocolate from making too much of a mess. A microwave-safe bowl should focus the microwave radiation onto the Nutella without easily becoming hot to the touch itself.

Actually Microwaving the Nutella

After you’ve found a covered dish to microwave your Nutella with, then you can go ahead and microwave it for about a minute or less at 20-second to 30-second increments. Preferably, set your microwave at medium or half power.

Also, stir the choco-nutty spread every interval to ensure that the heat spreads evenly. Microwaves tend to heat the outer edges of the turntable first and the center takes the longest to get hot.

If you’re not careful when melting Nutella, the opposite of melting will happen. You’ll harden then toast the Nutella to pasty or roasted chunks. This happens when you’ve dried out the choco sandwich spread to the point of losing all its moisture.

Things to Consider

To many families, Nutella serves as a staple due to its nutty flavor and chocolate taste. Most people make the most out of a jar of Nutella in kind, spreading it on toast or any type of bread in order to turn them instantly into slices of chocolate cake or chocolate cupcake.

On that note, in regards to whether or not you can microwave Nutella, it’s certainly possible. You simply need to follow this guide to know how long you should microwave this special sandwich spread.


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