Can You Microwave Mushrooms
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Can You Microwave Mushrooms?

Can you microwave something like mushrooms or do they turn into something dangerous like when microwaving grapes that become balls of plasma when it contacts with microwave radiation? Keep on reading to find out!

You might be vaguely aware that microwaving grapes is a no-no because the microwave radiation turns them into pure plasma that could damage the interior of your cooking appliance. On that note, can it happen to other foods as well? What about mushrooms? Or roasted nuts?

So can you microwave mushrooms? Or do they turn into plasma like in the case of microwaving grapes? Find out the answer below!

Can you use a microwave to cook mushrooms?

 Yes. In fact, you don’t need to add any butter or oil in order to cook mushrooms care of the microwave oven. You can add butter or soy sauce in order to microwave the mushroom with extra flavor.

To microwave mushrooms, you need to place chopped or sliced mushrooms in a microwave-safe bowl with its own lid.

Set your microwave to its highest setting (1 kilowatt on most units but cook for a little longer for anything lower than a kilowatt). Cook the mushrooms for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring every minute-long increment.

Can You Microwave Mushrooms
Can You Microwave Mushrooms?

Cleaning and Preparation

Before cooking mushrooms, you should know how to clean and prepare them. This way, you won’t end up eating dirt or chemicals afterwards.

Use a wet paper towel or buy a soft mushroom brush to wipe every mushroom of any dirt. You can also lightly rinse the mushrooms in cool tap water then pat dry with paper towels. The individual wiping ensures you of the best chances of cleaning the mushrooms without them absorbing too much water.

When cleaning mushrooms, you should avoid soaking them. They’re like sponges when it comes to water and they won’t brown nicely when cooked by pan and stove, microwave-safe container and microwave, or baking tray and oven.

Sautéing Mushrooms on the Stove

You can sauté mushrooms like shiitake for the sake of making a nice side dish or as savory toppings on a multitude of meals such as Chinese mixed vegetables, noodles, or as part of your homemade hamburger “sandwich”.

  • Heat Up Just Right: Turn on your stove to low or medium heat. Coat the pan with oil or butter (about two tablespoons). As a rule of thumb, use enough of it to coat the whole pan.
  • Avoid Pan Overcrowding: Mushrooms consist of 92 percent water. When cooked, they steam up. Prevent water retention on your mushrooms so they’d become soggy by spreading them apart on the pan.

Don’t put all the mushrooms in the pan at once. The mushroom tips shouldn’t touch each other. Cook batches of mushroom while observing a bit of “social distancing” for each shroom.

  • Seven Minutes of Cooking on Each Side: Every side should be cooked for 7 minutes before turning them on their other side. Don’t move the mushrooms around the pan too much to prevent sogginess.

Use a timer to perfectly cook each side of the mushroom without overcooking them to sogginess or a rubbery texture.

  • Flip Instead of Toss: Flip the mushroom with your slotted turner utensil to avoid moving the shrooms around too much.

Follow the sauté recipe to the letter to make umami or flavorful mushrooms you can pair up with most any meal to make them even more delicious. It’s about flipping the food properly and avoiding overcooking.

Roasting Mushrooms in the Oven

You can use a conventional oven to cook or roast mushrooms. This might be the most preferred cooking method for stuffed mushrooms or Portabella caps. Follow the tips below to make your roasted mushrooms as delicious as possible.

  • Proper Coating: Baste our slices or caps of shrooms in melted butter or olive oil. You can also add a coat of your favorite wet seasoning or sauce, such as soy sauce, white wine, or Sriracha.
  • Roast a Single Layer: Put a single layer of mushrooms onto your baking pan without overcrowding everything with overlapping shrooms. Just like what you did with sautéed mushrooms.
  • Hot and Fast is Best: Cook or bake your shrooms as hot and as fast as possible. Use a high temperature to make sure cooking ends up rather quick even though you still need to preheat your oven for about 5 or more minutes.
  • Specific Temperature: Go for the oven standard of 400°F for about 20 minutes. You can take them out of the oven earlier if they’ve become slightly browned already.
  • Add to Tasty Meals: You can add your baked or roasted stuffed mushrooms to your various dishes like mushroom soup. The roasted texture complements the creaminess of a can of cream of mushroom soup, for example.

Grilling Your Mushrooms

No, grilling slightly differs from roasting. As one of the top vegetables (more like fungi) that people love to grill, you surely want to know the correct way to go about it. On that note, here’s some of the best grilling advice we could offer.

  • Chop Correctly: Grill whole larger shroom varieties like Portabellas. However, for most of the smaller shrooms, you need to properly chop them up. This especially applies to cooking them with mixed vegetables or when you’re making grilled kebabs.
  • Marinade Action: Know how long to marinate the shrooms. Don’t use running water on shrooms to clean them because they absorb water like sponges. On the same vein, don’t soak these porous fungi too long when marinating them.
  • How Long to Marinate: Ideally, marinate them for 20 minutes. After the marinade gets done, the shrooms should absorb the rich buttery flavors while maintaining moisture while on the grill. If you lack time for a marinade, just baste the shrooms with oil then sprinkle with salt.
  • Use Skewers for Grilling: To get the best grill results, smaller chops should be placed on skewers. If the shroom proves to be too small for the grill, you can use skewers to keep them from falling through the grill slots or open spaces.

Concluding Thoughts

You have a multitude of ways to cook mushrooms, including microwaving it.  You can sauté, roast, microwave, or grill your mushrooms to perfection. Which one’s the best? That’s the million-dollar question.

We prefer roast or sauté personally, but microwave and grill offers a decent, serviceable result. The best methods involve bringing out their rich and robust taste. They’re also best eaten when paired up with complimentary foods like a Salisbury steak or swimming in gravy.


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