Can You Microwave Bacon
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Can You Microwave Bacon? Yes, and It’s Delicious!

Bacon is a staple breakfast meal, especially during weekends. Who doesn’t want to find ways to cook it faster? Incidentally, putting bacon inside your microwave is one of the fastest ways to cook the food item. It’s arguably healthier to boot since it leaves out the grease in the food container.

A typical microwave has 3 servings’ worth of bacon yield. It takes about 5 minutes to prep your bacon at maximum. It also takes more or less 10 minutes to cook your bacon.  So can you microwave bacon? Absolutely. Keep on reading to find out more.

Can You Cook Crispy Bacon in Your Microwave?

The bacon cooked in your microwave is a bit chewier compared to bacon fried on the pan. It might even be more worth it to cook bacon with your oven and baking pan than to cook it by microwave. However, you just can’t beat the speed of a microwave.

The device easily cooks bacon because bacon is moist and full of those water molecules that the microwave radiation excites to a boil or hotness every single time.  Furthermore, it will get crispy as well as chewy by cooking it the right way.

Remember to cook the bacon for 4 minutes. Afterwards, cook it for an extra minute until it browns or becomes crispy. Stop the heating as soon as you get the desired crispiness. As the bacon cools down, it will get even crispier for good measure.

Therefore, let the bacon cool down for about 5 minutes to get maximum crispiness out of it!

Microwave Bacon

Microwaving is for the Health Conscious

Bacon cooking equipments are becoming more and more popular because people want to get their bacon without clogging their arteries as badly as their forefathers. There must be a way to enjoy bacon while cutting down your chances for hypertension and obesity, right?

You can do all this by using a microwave as your cooking implement for crispy bacon strips. Either that or you can use the George Foreman grill since it also has a grease-removing design that limits your fat consumption.

If you’re sick of preparing bacon the traditional way because of all the cleanup involved afterwards, then consider following the instructions on this guide to properly cook your bacon without the grease (since the paper towels absorb all the grease).

Take note though that you should still cut down on your bacon consumption to prevent cardiovascular issues down the line. You should also exercise regularly and eat food other than bacon for good measure.

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Specific Directions When It Comes to Microwaving Bacon

Remember to line your microwave-safe plate with 3 layers of paper towels to absorb the oils. This also makes the containerless hot than before since the towels assist in absorbing the heat from the bacon strips as well.

Place the bacon on top of the paper towels without them overlapping one another. Cover them with more layers of paper towels, about 2 layers. Microwave the bacon at the highest wattage setting of your microwave for 4-6 minutes to get a crispy finish.

Pause the microwaving and check the state of the bacon to avoid overcooking or even charring the strips. How quickly they cook or fry depends on the thickness of the strips and the model of microwave. Shave off a minute or two for those 1-kilowatt or so models.

Cooking Bacon at Once and Using the Microwave Tray

Yes. You can microwave or cook bacon in layers or all at once. Just remember to take several precautions, like placing a layer of paper towels between every bacon layer. Don’t microwave more than 3 bacon layers at a given microwaving session.

You can use a microwave-safe plate to microwave bacon as well. There’s no need to whip out a microwave tray. Just remove the plate from the microwave because it can get quite hot. No, it’s not the microwave radiation that’s making it hot.

Instead, it’s the hot bacon and heat conduction that allows it to absorb heat. Use paper towels to line the plate or bowl to make taking it out of the microwave safe for you. Otherwise, use pot holders.

More about Overcooked Bacon

Regarding issues of overcooking bacon, you should cook only 6 strips of bacon in one go for the best results. You can add more layers but at your own risk of overcooking. The fewer strips of bacon cooked the more controllable the cooking or microwaving process becomes.

As a rule of thumb, you should cook each piece of bacon for about a minute. This depends on the different microwave models out there, the power levels being used, and their respective heat strength based on their wattage.

A powerful microwave can be quite quicker at reaching fully cooked and crispy bacon compared to other weaker microwaves, such as a mini microwave with 600 to 700 watts of wattage.

Paper Towels are Your Secret to Success

The quickest way to cook bacon to a crisp without them becoming a greasy mess is by using paper towels, microwave-safe containers, and a microwave. The towels absorb the grease, the microwave quickly crisps the bacon strips, and the container can safely take the microwave rays.

You won’t get enough of the bacon since it’s so easy to cook them. You can cook via the conventional oven or stovetop, but it’s the microwave that produces the quickest, healthiest, and fastest result every time.

Although the bacon comes out chewy from the beginning, around 5 minutes they’ll come out as crispy as stove-fried bacon strips. Additionally, it’s less likely for you to turn the bacon strips to charcoal since you have full control of the cooking time.

Expectations and Realities

Using a microwave to cook your bacon isn’t only the fastest way to cook the strip of ham. It also leaves you with less grease to deal with (which is good for your heart) and clean up when push comes to shove. Additionally, you won’t have to clean up splattered stoves and greasy skillets afterwards.

Also, did you know you can cook bacon with a hot baking sheet on your conventional oven? However, it’s still faster to cook them with your microwave than with an oven that requires preheating. You can use these bacon strips for things like Bacon Bourbon Jell-O Shots to boot!


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