Can You Make Toast in a Microwave Grill
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Can You Make Toast in a Microwave Grill?

You technically can’t make toast in a microwave due to the nature of the microwave. By the time the toast is lightly brown up top, the interior of it is bone dry due to how microwave rays or radiowaves interact with its water molecules. However, that’s not what’s being asked in this article.

Curious minds instead want to know, “So can you make toast in a microwave grill or not?” Let’s find out.

How Can You Make Toast in the Microwave?

You can kind of make toast in a microwave but it takes a bit of technique and specific, careful steps. You can’t just stick the bread inside the microwave oven and expect it to have a toast button the same way most microwaves have their own dedicated defrost or pizza/popcorn button.

First off, let’s warm up the bread first. Place 2-4 slices of bread on a microwave-safe plate-like something made of thick glass, ceramic, or porcelain. Use low to medium heat in order to warm the bread up for only 15-25 seconds. This expedites the toasting process, basically.

Now let’s grill the warm bread.

Can You Make Toast in a Microwave Grill
Make Toast in the Microwave

Making Toast in the Microwave

Get a paper towel with your bread. Place them together in the microwave with a dish. The toast should be on top of the paper towel. Now close the door and microwave this setup in 30 seconds at the highest setting or power level.

After 30 seconds, take the bread out and check its constitution. Repeat as necessary. Don’t overdo it or else you might end up with bread with a rubbery texture. Additionally, it’s best to do it with a grill microwave or convection microwave.

You can also cut the bread into ½-inch thick slices. Brush the sides of the bread with melted butter, canola oil, or olive oil for taste. Put the bread on your preheated grill microwave and cook it until it forms grill marks. Lightly toast the bread for about 2-3 minutes. 

You can now take the bread out of the grill.

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Why Can’t You Make Toast in a Microwave?

Technically, this isn’t true. You can make toast in a microwave, but only in grill or convection microwaves. Because of the way microwaves work (a magnetron creates radiowaves that excite water molecules in the food to make them heat up rather quickly), you can’t toast bread in a conventional one.

Toast requires radiant heat in order to make the bread dry out. Micro radio waves aren’t radiant waves. Since the waves instead make water molecules vibrate, this means they don’t escape and use the bread to dry out like in a toaster oven.

Instead, they end up with a rubbery texture.

Making Toast in the Microwave
Making Toast in the Microwave

Why Does Bread Get Hard or Stiff when You Microwave It?

When the dough or wet starch is heated up or baked, it becomes part gelatin or partially gelatinized. However, this is with a preheated conventional oven. Microwaves work differently.

The microwave tends to literally cook a piece of food from the inside out using their own juices or water molecules. Therefore, bread that is microwaved cause all the remaining water inside the bread to heat up. The warm water causes some of the hardened starch to gelatinize again.

This makes the bread soft once more. This is why when you microwave bread to warm it up, it comes out as soft instead of hard. The problem occurs when the starch cools down and the starch molecules recrystallize, leading to chewy, hard bread reminiscent of a pizza crust.  

Why Can You Make Toast in a Convection Microwave?

A convection microwave does more than a simple microwave oven. It can cook food with its extra wattage and attachments such as grills and the like. With this microwave type, you can toast, roast, brown, bake, steam, crisp, broil, cook, and defrost food.

It’s a versatile microwave type that takes advantage of its food heating abilities by using convection from the food to heat up attachments that then simulate the convection heating of toaster or electric ovens.

When you make toast with a convection microwave though, the browning happens from the center of the bread outwards instead of even browning all over.

The problem with microwaving bread in the “conventional’ microwave is that it can get soggy, which is why it should be warmed up first or toasted on a toaster oven instead.

How Do You Microwave Bread without it Getting Soggy?

You can microwave bread without getting soggy by doing the warm-up technique with the presence of paper towels. To be more specific, moisten the paper towel you put over the bread like a blanket.

Keep the whole thing covered with another paper towel or even a kitchen towel. These all help keep the bread moisturized while absorbing sogginess. Also remember to lightly moisten the towel instead of making it sopping wet.

Warm the bread using medium power. It should be around 50 percent or even about 30 percent for about a minute.

How Microwaves Complicate the Simple Act of Toasting Toast

A toaster is better and more straightforward when it comes to toasting toast. You preheat the oven, put the toast in, wait until it goes brown, and you’re good to go. 

With a microwave, you’re better off attempting to make French toast or lightly browning the center of the toast to avoid making the starch of your bread become too gelatinized or soggy at first than as hard as pizza crust once it cools down. 

A convection or grill oven has certain features and attachments available like a grill attachment that does the browning for you. It works by absorbing the heat from the microwaved food and using convection heating to brown it like with a real grill.

What You Need to Find Out

A microwave grill could potentially make toast but you need further adjustments as well. It takes longer for the grill element of a microwave grill to heat up compared to a toaster, even when taking preheating into consideration.

You should also switch the microwave off before turning the bread to its other side. It’s better to buy a toaster that’s deep to keep part of the bread from sticking out. Long story short, you need to go through hoops to toast bread on a microwave unless you’re using a convection/grill microwave. 


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