Can Corelle Be Microwaved
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Can Corelle Be Microwaved?

Corelle is a type of dishware and glassware established since 1970. Corelle dishware is a big part of our childhood. It reminds us of special holidays at our grandparents’ old, cozy home. Using Corelle dishware always brings back fond memories of merry gatherings.

Through the years, Corelle has established a name in every household. They are on par with other types of dishware and glassware. This is why Corelle dishware is still timeless and in demand in the homeware industry. Corelle keep up with the changes and demands since the beginning. This results in high-quality, durable, and practical Corelle dishes. These Corelle dishes provide us material comfort in everyday life.

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Similarly, the use of a microwave oven is a basic need in our daily routine. It makes our everyday tasks easier. It is a great help in saving our time and energy. This makes us wonder if Corelle can stand the test of microwaving. Imagine how much more convenient it can bring to our life. Keeping that in mind, let’s try to answer this question. Can Corelle be microwaved?

Is Corelle Microwave Safe?

Yes, Corelle dishware is microwave safe. It is perfect for serving and reheating dishes in the microwave oven. You can place Corelle dishes in a microwave. They are sturdier and stronger than common dishware. They are heat resistant and break-and-chip resistant as well. The material component is designed to withstand heat. But make sure to stick to the allowed temperature.

Can Corelle Be Microwaved

What Makes Corelle Microwave Safe?

Corelle dishware is manufactured through the process of glass lamination. The process uses a material called Vitrelle. It is made from three layers of glass bonded together. You may wonder how the glass material makes this product lightweight. The glass lamination process makes Corelle lightweight, durable, and resistant to breaking, cracking, and chipping.

Vintage Corelle Dishware Vs. After 2005-Produced Corelle Dishware for Microwaving

Vintage Corelle dishware is produced before 2005. Corelle company recommends them to be decorative collections. It discourages consumers to use Corelle dishware for food use purposes. Here is why you should be careful when using pre-2005 Corelle dishes.

Homeware companies used paints that contained lead in their previous products. Thus, the dishes have a high level of lead hazard. Back then, they don’t have any regulations yet on the use of lead and other substances. With this, it makes sense to know how to identify vintage Corelle.

How to Detect Vintage Corelle?

  • The paint in older Corelle dishes leaches off.
  • The decorations or patterns are rough and raised.
  • You can feel the decorations when you rub your fingers over the dishware.
  • The design easily fades or wears out.
  • It chips or mixes in with the food.

If any of this happens to your old Corelle, better put them behind your kitchen cabinet. And label them as decorative pieces for safety purposes.

Hence, Corelle dishes that are produced after 2005 are the right ones for microwaving. They comply with FDA regulations. They are lead-free, which makes them totally safe for microwaving.

How Do You Microwave Using Corelle? (The Right Way)

Ensure that you handle your Corelle dinnerware set with care. When using a microwave, follow these easy tips and reminders.

  • Use a small dish for a small amount of food when microwaving. Avoid using large ones.
  • Avoid heating empty dishware in a microwave oven. This is to avoid dishes to absorb too much heat. If the temperature is too hot to handle, it will damage your dishware. That’s why it is essential to know the right temperature appropriate for Corelle dishes.
  • Remove plastic lids before heating and place them over the dish unlocked. They are tight-sealed to prevent leaks but cannot be turned upside down or dipped in water.
  • Re-heat Corelle 177ml cup, 900ml, 450ml, 325ml, and footed bowl only in a microwave oven. Do not use them in an electric rice cooker or a convection oven.
  • Refrain from overheating high-fat foods or dishes with tomato sauces, oils, and sugar. It is to prevent plastic lids from blistering or staining.
  • Avoid using Corelle dishes under the broiler or browning element of the microwave oven. Dispose of any dishware that is misused in this manner. Otherwise, it is not good for your health.

Advantages of Using Corelle Dishware for Microwave Oven

Corelle is multipurpose dishware. Its features are useful, practical, and superior to any ordinary dinnerware set. Below are some of its quality, handy structures.

  • Long-lasting Patterns. It has a variety of aesthetic designs and patterns. You can choose among floral, country, traditional, simple, textured, geometric, or contemporary design. This brand of dishware is available in fashionable collections.
  • It caters to our needs in terms of dinnerware designs. These patterns are not just fashionable. They also last longer compared to other dinnerware types.
  • Non-porous and Non-reactive. Non-porous dishware doesn’t affect the taste and appearance of the food. It doesn’t absorb gas or liquid. It also doesn’t add a flavor nor change the color of the food. Being non-reactive, we can expect that the food doesn’t stick to Corelle. These dishes have no adverse impact on the taste of the food when exposed to acids.
  • Corelle dishes are slim and light. They are convenient to use. You won’t have trouble moving, bringing, or carrying them around.
  • Corelle dishes are really useful. They are durable yet lightweight so they are easy and safe for microwaving. They are also long-lasting yet very affordable. Buying these dishes are worth the cost.
  • Corelle is also safe to use in preheated conventional or conventional ovens. They can be used for serving, baking, and warming food. You can wash them by hand or use an automatic dishwasher. Load them carefully in the dishwasher. It is to prevent them from colliding against other items during the process.
  • Space Saver. Corelle dishes stack easily. They are compact so they are easy to pile, arrange, and store. They are nestable in a homeware rack. The result is a more spacious kitchen area.
  • Nearly Indestructible. The durability of Corelle dishware is remarkable. Even when dropped many times, it does not break easily. Corelle is break-resistant, but not break-proof. It indicates that when dropping accidentally, it won’t break immediately. It might affect in the long run. Or when hit with a forceful impact or against a firm, solid object.

Corelle Use and Care for Better Microwaving

  • Wash your new Corelle dinnerware with soap and water before using them. It removes the clear protective coating.
  • Gently clean with a recommended non-abrasive cleanser such as Corningware cleaner and conditioner.
  • Remove coffee and tea discoloration using baking soda or mild cleanser. Use a non-abrasive cleaner for metal or rust marks. You should also change your homeware rack if rust or metal marks persist.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or any product/object that will scratch or chip Corelle dishes.
  • To loosen cooked-on-food, let Corelle dishware cool first. Then, add warm detergent water.
  • Avoid dropping or hitting Corelle against hard objects. Corelle dishes are break-and-chip resistant but still break from constant dropping or hitting. Severe impact results to Corelle shattering into pieces. Handle with utmost care.
  • Use appropriate protection for hands when handling hot Corelle dishware. Use mittens, a potholder, or a dry thick cloth.

How to Buy the Right Corelle for Microwaving?

If you are planning to own a new Corelle dinnerware set, it is best to consider some of these factors. It is a wise buying strategy and will benefit you eventually.


Most of the dinnerware sets are produced from melamine. Sometimes customers thought that Corelle is the same as melamine. Check from the seller that the material is tempered glass. It is to ensure that what you will buy is an authentic Corelle product.


Heavy dishes are glass and porcelain. Lightweight and slim dishware are Corelle. They are easy to lift, move, and carry around.


It would be best if you can test the breakability of the dinnerware. Another option is to ask for proof that the Corelle product is break-resistant. Check if the product carries a certification of product authenticity.


Do not be tempted to buy any Corelle dish or set in impulse. Keep in mind that this brand is pricey. If you are going to use them for microwaving, buy Corelle dishes that are just right for your microwave oven.


Buying Corelle dishware is backed up by a one-year warranty. World Kitchen, Inc. replaces any of your Corelle dishes that break, chips, or permanently stains. It must be within the one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Buy only from authorized and official manufacturers of Corelle dishware.


Finally, you can shop Corelle dishware and use it for microwaving with ease and certainty. But it does not end there. Remember to practice the right way of microwaving using Corelle dishes. Handle them with proper usage and care. It will help you make them last longer and remain safe for microwaving. Always keep in mind safety precautions when placing any dishware in the microwave.


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