Best Microwave Sterilizer Bags
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What Are the Best Microwave Sterilizer Bags Out There?

A microwave sterilizer bag allows you to sterilize the feeding items of your baby like bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, small toys, and breast pump accessories. Just put the items in the bag, pop them inside the microwave oven, then microwave till they’re sterilized.

A sterilizer produces heat on baby feeding items or dental equipment that sterilizes them or gets rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria like an antibacterial soap. It hygienically cleans such things as false teeth, bottles and nipples, teethers, and so forth so they’d be safe to use by children or adults.

Just put them in the bag, microwave them, and you’re good to go. So which ones are the best microwave sterilizer bags out there? Keep on reading to find out.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Microwave Sterilizer Bags

Microwave sterilization is your answer to ensuring your infant, yourself, pets, or anyone else handling oral care or feeding products remain as sanitary and clean as possible, with zero or less than 0.01 percent bacteria remaining on them (which could be dealt with by your immune system).

Even if a sterilizer falls short in certain aspects like being a little smaller or having limited availability online, they can make up for it with their effectiveness, easy-to-read instructions, worry-free disposal, and dependable sterilizing cleanup.

You specifically need to ask yourself which bag holds the most items, which ones have BPA-free microwave-safe plastic, and which ones give you the best value for your money when push comes to shove.

Microwave Sterilizer Bag
Microwave Sterilizer Bag

Back in the Days of Early Sterilization

Back in the day, you can only avail of one consumer-grade product for sterilization (most others get purchased by hospitals as medical-grade items)—the sterilizer bag made for breast pumps and parts. However, soon, they expanded the bags for use with nipples, pacifiers, and teethers.

You can also avail of sterilization bags for oral hygiene equipment. Most anything susceptible to the spread of bacteria can benefit from such bags. However, not all sterilization bags were created equal or can even be called comparable.

Effective Bacterial Sterilization

The most important aspect of a microwave sterilization bag you should watch out for? If it can sterilize up to 99.9 percent of common bacteria on feeding accessories, pump parts, bottles, nipples, or even dental equipment (sterilizer bags for those tend to be smaller though).

How fast they can sterilize can also vary. Some can do it within 90 seconds. Others might take longer. You should also watch out for how they open and close. Some use a pull tab for easy, repeated use. Others use a press and seal closure.

Thick Plastic Material with Microwave-Safe Properties

Some of the best sterilization bags feature an array of microwave-safe plastics like RCPP thick plastic. You want to search for the safer-to-microwave ones with a bit of thickness to them because they don’t succumb to heat or microwave pressure as much compared to their thinner counterparts.

On average, a back can sterilize bottle-feeding equipment within 90 seconds or 1.5 minutes using a 1.1-kilowatt microwave. Anything under that up until 800 watts takes about 3 minutes instead. If you have a 500 to 750 watt microwave, it takes 5 minutes to sterilize equipment.

They’re Basically Steaming Bags

These sterilizer bags basically function as steaming bags that safeguard your nipples and whatnot from the rigors of direct microwave radiation contact (like potential melting or release of harmful contaminants from non-microwavable material) while still ensuring sterilization.

Most homemakers in-the-know use the microwave to sterilize a wet sponge (it must be wet or it might catch fire) to make it free of bacteria. A sterilizer bag allows you to use your microwave the same way with bottle feeding or breast pump equipment.

How Long Can You Keep Using the Bag?

Resealable bags with a press and seal or pull tab opener promote easy, repeated reuse of such bags. However, how many times can you use a sterilizer bag? On average, you can use these bags 20 times before replacement, meaning a 5-pack can be used a total of 100 times.

A pack can even be used to fit’s a day’s worth of pump and bottle parts for sterilization, whether you’re at work or you’re traveling. As long as you have a microwave on hand to use it with, they remain a valuable product for your baby’s safety.

Common Applications of the Microwave Sterilizer

Size typically dictates where the sterilizer can be used. It’s the most popular consumer is for sterilizing feeding and pump parts for babies. You can also get a version of such bags for dental use, but those tend to have lower capacity compared to a typical baby sterilizer bag.

The bigger bags also get loads of uses in the medical and laboratory field in light of the need for equipment sterilization. However, most labs have an electric UV sterilizer that you can use as a microwave for all their equipment.

BPA-Free Bags with Easy Cleanup, Disposal, and Usage

Your sterilizer bag should be BPA-free as a mark of it being microwave-safe. Using BPA plastics to sterilize nipples and breast pumps defeats the purpose of sterilization. You remove bacteria only to replace it with hormone-disrupting BPA.

A microwave sterilizer bag also has great quality if it does promote easy cleanup after use. It should have clear instructions on how to use them and give you warnings in regards to what level of wattage or heat they can take.

The Importance of Microwavable Sterilizer Bag Capacity

Their capacity should be quite big too so that they could hold more than any other bags out in the market to date. The average bag can hold valves and three breast shields or three baby bottles.

Extra-large bags worth investing in should be able to hold four breast shields or four standard baby bottles instead. You should look into great value packs containing 5 to 7 bags or more in each package to maximize your investment every time.

The Bag Opener as well as Impressive Durability

When shopping for a microwave-safe plastic bag for sterilization, you should go for the ones that have press and seal closure to ensure the heat distributed unto them remains constant. This seal helps control the temperature so that it remains at sterilization levels.

This ensures that 99.9 percent of bacteria do end up dead after 90 seconds. A pull tab can also be used to ensure reusability options when push comes to shove. Which one is easier to use? The one where you’re assured of closure and sealing when the bag’s being used, of course.

All for the Nursing Mother’s Peace of Mind

Most mothers worry about poisoning their child or testing their infant immune system with a bacterial infection. They don’t’ want to feed their kid with a bottle that has a dirty nipple full of bacteria. Therefore, it pays to have a box of steam bags instead of an expensive baby bottle sterilizer.

Thanks to these bags, you can keep your breast pump, pacifier, baby bottles, and teething toys as bacteria-free and sterile as possible with the assistance of your microwave to keep your children from getting sick and whatnot.

Top Picks for the Best Microwave Sterilizer Bags

Here are the top microwave sterilizer bag picks we’ve compiled from Amazon and tried out for ourselves. Check them out.

1. The Medela Effect will Amaze You Thanks to Its Large Capacity Sterilization

The Medela Quick Clean MicroSteam Bags live up to their name. They work like a charm, they quickly steam in 90 seconds, and they keep bottle or breast pump feeding equipment bacteria-free on short notice.

 Medela Quick Clean MicroSteam Bags
Medela Quick Clean MicroSteam Bags

Its full expansion is large enough to cover breast pump accessories such as 4 flanges, 2 duckbill valves, and backflow protectors.

How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 2 breast pump sets or 2 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack12
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight4.2 ounces
Dimensions4.38 x 2.13 x 10.13 inches
Unique FeaturesIt’s good for traveling and for use at work in the healthcare industry where on-the-fly sterilization is a must.


2. With the Munchkin Sterilizer You Can Feed, Sterilize, then Repeat

Unlike the Medela bags, you can only get 6 bags out of the Munchkin Jumbo Microwave Bottle Sterilizer Bags. However, you can use the sterilizer pack a total of 180 times because their bags can be used 30 times instead of just 20.

Munchkin Jumbo Microwave Bottle Sterilizer Bags
Munchkin Jumbo Microwave Bottle Sterilizer Bags

It also comes with a cool-touch grip and measures 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide when expanded.

How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 2 breast pump sets or 2 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack6
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight5.3 ounces
Dimensions7.9 x 4.4 x 2 inches
Unique FeaturesEach bag can be used for 30 times instead of the standard 20, thus giving you an extra 10 times of usage.


3. The IMPRESA Sterilizer Pack was Made to Impress with Its  Extra-Large15-Pack Deal

For a comparable price to its 6-pack or even 12-pack counterparts, the IMPRESA 15-Pack Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizer Bags impresses with its promise of 400 uses per pack. The number is hard to round off, but you can safely reuse every bag for about 25 times.

15 Pack Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizer Bags
15 Pack Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizer Bags
How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 4 breast pump sets or 4 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack15
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight8 ounces
Dimensions‎13.5 x 9.75 x 0.4 inches
Unique FeaturesEach extra-large bag can be reused for roughly 25 times before disposal.


4. Max Strength Delivers Maximum Cost-Effectiveness for Maximum Sterilization

For a highly affordable price that’s about a dollar or so lower than the earlier multi-pack brands, the 10-pack Max Strength Premium Microwave Sterilizer Bags packs quite a punch. Yes, it has pretty standard durability with only 20 uses per bag.

 Premium Microwave Sterilizer Bags (20pcs)
Premium Microwave Sterilizer Bags (20pcs)

However, the design and dimensions of the bag allow you more space for sterilizing more pieces of equipment every time.

How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 3 breast pump sets or 3 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack10
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight6.5 ounces
Dimensions‎11.18 x 8.7 x 0.82 inches
Unique FeaturesIt gives you maximum space with its extra-large bags only rivaled by IMPRESA.


5. Philips AVENT Gives You Advantageous Sterilization at 12 Bags a Pack

The Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer Bags cost a little more than the previous items (by about 3 dollars or so) and delivers 12 sterilizer bags per pop. It’s the same number as Medela, actually. Its dimensions make it the smallest of the bunch.

Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer Bags
Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer Bags

It has comparable effectiveness as Medela but at a higher cost, which is why more people went for Medela.

How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 2 breast pump sets or 2 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack12
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight6.4 ounces
Dimensions‎2.56 x 4.13 x 6.14 inches
Unique FeaturesThe smaller yet more expensive alternative to Medela for tinier multi-use bags to fit 1-2 bottles or pump accessories.


6. Amazon’s Answer to All These Sterilization Bag Brands

Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s version of the sterilization bag as the “generic” choice resembles the best of the bunch the most, Medela. Here’s what the Amazon Brand Mama Bear Sterilizer Bags brings to the table—competitive prices for a size of bag fit for the average single-child family.

Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Sterilizer Bags
Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Sterilizer Bags

If you want a cheaper rather than costlier Medela alternative go for Mama Bear.

How Much Can It Sterilize?Big enough to sterilize 2 breast pump sets or 2 baby bottles plus accessories when fully expanded.
Bags per Pack10
Material ‎Polypropylene (BPA-free plastic)
Weight‎4 ounces
Dimensions‎5.9 x 2.3 x 4.3 inches
Unique FeaturesThe Amazon version of Medela but cheaper, slightly lighter, and a bit smaller.

Additional Tips and Tricks

The best microwave sterilizer bag products we could find are Medela, Munchkin, and IMPRESA Medela leads the pack in both user ratings and the number of users who’ve availed of it. Special mention goes to IMPRESA for its alleged 30-times reuse per bag promise.

If you feel stressed out about shopping for a microwave sterilizer bag that works, you’ve come across the right guide. Now you know what to look for when it comes to these bags. All you need to do now is to choose which ones fit your budget the most.

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