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The Best Microwave Egg Cooker

Ostensibly, an egg cooker cooks eggs. A microwave in particular can be quite amazing at cooking eggs, despite belief to the contrary.

You just need to take the proper precautions, such as putting pressure holes on the eggs or removing them from the shell in order to cook them properly.

Regardless, we’ve gathered the best of the best microwave egg cookers around in order to give you, the reader, a nice shortlist of the best microwave egg cooker units or products possible.

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It’s time to figure out which of these microwave oven egg cooker machines are worth your time perusing in accordance with the positive reviews and recommendations of the Amazon.com user base.


What’s the Best Microwave Egg Cooker?

Here are the top microwave egg cookers on Amazon.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

 Let’s start with the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, 4 Capacity, White
Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, 4 Capacity, White


The cooking surface of the egg pod has a length of 5 inches, a width of 5 inches, and a height of 5.25 inches.

Many customers can vouch for its effectiveness and its ability to turn a raw egg into a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg without piercing the egg.

Although that might sound too good to be true, it does go about egg cooking in a clean, efficient manner without you cracking holes in the raw egg in question.

Just be careful in making sure you get Nordic Ware Egg Pods so that you won’t end up with a counterfeit one that doesn’t work as well. Those bad ones tend to leave a mess in your microwave oven.


  • No egg piercing needed.
  • It features a 4-egg capacity.
  • Build with an aluminum insert.
  • It’s Amazon’s Choice for “Egg Pod”.
  • The device is made of BPA-free and melamine-free plastic.
  • The egg pod shelves are designed to hold 4 eggs in the upright position.
  • It could make hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs for you depending on the cooking duration and method.


  • Some units allegedly explode the eggs.
  • It could make a mess inside your microwave if incorrectly used.

Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs

 As for the Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs, it lives up to its name as an easy way to make eggs.

Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs
Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs


How does it compare to the egg pod? For starters, it has a higher rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars according to 7,870 ratings from Amazon.com when this article was made.

It’s made of microwavable plastic material that’s safe and won’t leach chemicals on your eggs.

More people think it deserves a higher rating than the Nordic Wave Egg Pod. And another thing, it’s Amazon’s Choice for “Microwave Egg Cooker” for good measure.

Sure, it’s a single-serving microwave egg cooker, but at about $7 you can get several of these to cook as many eggs as you want at the same time. Get delicious breakfast eggs on-demand in a straightforward manner.


  • Rather affordable at about $7.
  • It has a capacity size of 271 millimeters.
  • It’s a single-serving egg cooker that fits 1 egg.
  • Amazon’s Choice for “Microwave Egg Cooker”.
  • It’s microwaveable (naturally) and dishwasher safe.
  • It has a compact size of 5.39 inches by 4.92 inches by 2.64 inches.


  • Some units make huge messes.
  • Other units end up with hard-cooked yolk and raw egg whites.


MSC International Microwave Egg Cooker

 As for the MSC International 4 Boiler Joie Big Boiley Microwave Egg Cooker, it’s an egg boiler you can use with your microwave that comes with orange handles and 4 egg boiling pods.

MSC International 4 Boiler Joie Big Boiley Microwave Egg Cooker
MSC International 4 Boiler Joie Big Boiley Microwave Egg Cooker


Its high score truly suffered from the downvotes and customer complaints regarding its quality control issues with certain units.


  • Strong and durable.
  • It’s made of ABS and aluminum.
  • To clean it, hand wash it in warm, soapy water.
  • 4-egg microwave egg cooker like the Nordic Wave.
  • It’s rather compact at 6.75 inches by 5.25 inches by 5 inches for easy storage (bigger than Nordic though).
  • It can cook 1-4 soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled eggs at the same time in minutes (so you have more cooking options).


  • Not dishwasher safe. Wash it by hand to clean it.
  • Egg explosion issues, even more so than Nordic or Sistema.


Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker/Poacher

The Trenton Egg Cooker got a score of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars according to 456 global ratings.

In short, it has the highest score among the egg cookers on this list so far, but it’s also the least popular so far with only less than 500 reviewers verified to have bothered purchasing it. As far as we’re concerned, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker/Poacher, Easy Scrambled Omelet Maker, Breakfast Cookware
Trenton Gifts Microwave Egg Cooker/Poacher, Easy Scrambled Omelet Maker, Breakfast Cookware

Indeed, even though Old Home Kitchen’s Trenton Gifts is a trusted brand in and of itself, it’s not the most popular brand on this list.

Regardless, its quality and the nigh-unanimous high scores from Amazon users speak for themselves.

The device can cook 1-3 scrambled or poached eggs in your microwave for use in an egg sandwich.

It can even cook eggs for your muffin or bacon dishes to boot. It can even make omelets with veggies and spices like mushrooms, peppers, or onion.


  • Easy and quick to clean.
  • Makes from 1-3 eggs at a time.
  • Works quite well in light of its high rating.
  • Fast egg cooker that cleanly cooks eggs for you.
  • Allows you to enjoy hot food on the go in a few minutes.
  • Allows you to cook poached or scrambled eggs as well as hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg.



  • Porous material of the device stains easily.
  • Some units explode open inside the microwave according to several reviewers.


MACONEE Microwave Eggs Maker

 As for the Maconee or MACONEE Microwave Eggs Maker, it shares the same high rating and low reviewer count as Trenton Gifts.

Maconne Microwave Eggs Maker
Maconne Microwave Eggs Maker


It’s rated 4.6 stars out of 5 stars according to a piddling 29 ratings, which is even less than the 400-something ratings for the Trenton Gifts Egg Cooker/Poacher. MACONEE boasts of a unprocessed microwave cookware.

The verified purchasers and reviewers of this product claim it’s an awesome egg cooker that you can use everyday.

They consistently agree that it only requires 2½ minutes in order to perfectly cook eggs that are poached, scrambled, and so forth.

Maconee alleges that its product is composed of a material that simulates the grill effect unto your eggs, cooking them efficiently with its patented microwave-focusing material.


  • It effectively cooks eggs.
  • The well-built and durable material used on the product.
  • It can cook refrigerated raw eggs to fully cooked eggs in a mere 2½ minutes.
  • Most customers agree it’s easy to clean and only requires wiping (no indication that it’s dishwasher-safe though).
  • It’s convenient and can match the quickness and cleanness of its more popular counterparts on this list (like the Nordic Wave or Sistema Egg Cookers)


  • Cleanup isn’t the best according to several customers (they’re the minority though).
  • Some went back to the frying pan instead of sticking with this egg cooker because of the egg cooking quality.


Norpro Silicone Microwave Double Egg Poacher

 You’d think that the Norpro is no more popular than the likes of MACONEE or Trenton Gifts as far as the egg cooker/poacher world is concerned.

However, to our honest surprise, the poacher was able to achieve a decent rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars according to a whopping 868 ratings from Amazon customers.

Norpro Silicone Microwave Double Egg Poacher
Norpro Silicone Microwave Double Egg Poacher

Only Sistema and Nordic Wave are more popular than this egg cooker. It’s Amazon’s Choice for “Double Egg Poacher”, which means it’s rated the highest product for the category of egg cookers that do single or double portions (it can cook 1-2 eggs at the same time on the microwave).

Its specialty is poaching eggs with its own lid in the microwave or through a covered skillet.


  • It’s a compact 8.25 inches.
  • It can poach 1-2 eggs at a time.
  • It’s available in a striking red color.
  • Amazon’s Choice for “Double Egg Poacher”.
  • The nonstick finish on the egg cooker’s silicone material itself.
  • Allows you to make poached eggs in demand at home in minutes.
  • Its silicone build displays heat resistance for up to 450°F or 230°C.


  • Quality control issues like units that end up with the top cracked.
  • Some of the cookers ended up with runny whites and soft yolks or some other mishap.


Good Cook Microwave 2 Egg Poacher

 In our opinion, this is one of the most well-made microwave egg poachers out there.

It comes in fetching gold color, for one thing. It’s designed to be self-explanatory in how it’s used, for another thing.

Good Cook Microwave 2 Egg Poacher
Good Cook Microwave 2 Egg Poacher


However, it only has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars according to 38 reviewers due to the number of low ratings from several of its verified purchasers.

It’s otherwise a perfectly decent egg poacher comparable to the likes of Norpro, MACONEE, or Trenton Gifts.

It’s even much cheaper than many of its egg poaching or cooking peers.

However, it is this “cheapness” that might explain its lack of popularity and lower rating than the other products on this list.


  • It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • It’s made of microwave-safe, BPA-free plastic.
  • Its lid can be used as a container to reheat breakfast foods.
  • It comes with an instruction booklet to get the best cooking results.
  • You can use it to cook 1-2 eggs in your microwave in minutes like the Norpro Poacher.


  • It also has to explode egg issues like some other egg cookers on this list.
  • It doesn’t work well with low-capacity mini microwaves due to its large size.


Coxeer Microwave Egg Cooker

 As for the Coxeer Microwave Egg Cooker, it’s a cooker that got a decent rating but from only 20 reviewers at the time of this writing.

According to them, Coxeer is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars kind of egg cooker. It also has few to no reviews below 2-3 stars. A pretty impressive feat but only time will tell whether or not this trend continues.

 Coxeer Microwave Egg Cooker,Rapid Egg Cooker Microwave Boiler Egg For Hard
Coxeer Microwave Egg Cooker,Rapid Egg Cooker Microwave Boiler Egg For Hard


From our personal experience, the device gives you exactly what you pay for and more.

It can cook poached and boiled eggs even as other comparable egg cookers at its price range mostly only do poaching.

Its the use of plastic and aluminum that makes this egg boiler, cooker, and poacher unique from the rest of the mostly plastic egg cookers on this list.


  • Easy to wash egg cooker.
  • It comes with an aluminum flat heating plate.
  • Cooks 1-4 hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs on a secure aluminum shelf.
  • It has an egg pod design reminiscent of the one used by Nordic Wave.
  • Convenient and safe poacher for any eggs measuring 6 inches by 5 inches.
  • It has a decent build quality and sleek design care of its durable microwave-safe plastic.


  • At least one unit arrived as used and dirty.
  • The lid doesn’t fit well and the product has cheap construction.


Joseph Joseph M-Poach Microwave Egg Poacher

 No, that’s not a typo. The company who makes this is named Joseph Joseph. Aside from the unusual manufacturer name, the M-Poach Egg Poacher is a decent single-serving (1-egg) egg poacher available in one size and colored white and yellow. It even comes with a splash-proof lid to boot.

Joseph Joseph M-Poach Microwave Egg Poacher
Joseph Joseph M-Poach Microwave Egg Poacher


The M-Poach Microwave Egg Poacher by Joseph Joseph has an acceptable 4.0 out of 5 stars rating from 539 reviewers we mostly agree with. It’s neither overrated nor underrated.

It delivers exactly what you’d expect from a single-serving egg poacher for only $7.99 at the time of this writing (price subject to change).


  • Affordable at about $8.
  • Colored white and yellow.
  • Single-serving egg poacher or cooker.
  • Easy serving possible due to its lift and drain colander.
  • Many customers agree it makes perfect poached eggs boiled in water.
  • It boasts how its egg cooking quality features classic texture and taste.


  • Allegedly wasteful with egg whites.
  • It also shares egg explosion tendencies like other egg cookers on this list.


Simply Eggicious Egg Poacher & Egg Ring

 Last but not least is the Egg Poacher & Egg Ring by Simply Eggicious.

This makes the Simply Eggicious Egg Poacher similarly rated as Nordic Wave but much cheaper and less popular.

Egg Poacher & Egg Ring - Silicone Poachers Cookware
Egg Poacher & Egg Ring – Silicone Poachers Cookware


What we mainly like about the Simply Eggicious product is the fact that it’s a set that includes 4 egg rings and 4 egg poacher pods, thus allowing you up to 8 egg dish servings when used together.

It’s also dishwasher-safe to ensure that cleaning it up isn’t a hassle. However, there are several customers who complain that it’s still hard to clean regardless.


  • Eco-friendly poacher.
  • Certified dishwasher-safe.
  • It comes with 4 egg rings and 4 egg poachers.
  • It delivers microwave-safe poaching to your home.
  • BPA-free plastic and food-grade silicone construction.
  • Uses an egg ring method in cooking eggs instead of just the standard egg pod.
  • It’s easy to use with its rings and pods that make sure the end result remains in a perfect egg shape.


  • Some customers claim the product is harder to clean than it alleges.
  • Other customers complain about the egg poacher producing a watery mess.

What to Look for in a Microwave Egg Cooker

What should you look for in a microwave egg cooker? Excellence in execution, for one thing.

The ability to consistently cook professional-quality egg dishes from poached eggs to hardboiled ones is also something to be on the lookout for, for another thing.

Affordability in Microwave Cookware

Getting a microwave egg cooker for less than $20 or even less than $10 is a must.

To be clear, these are the easy egg cookers you put inside the microwave in order to deliver perfect eggs even if you’re an amateur who can barely work a stove.

This is why they’re worth $10 to $20 and should be paired up with $100 to $200 microwave ovens.

Some are outright devices the size of rice cookers. It’s essentially a device or tool that makes round, lovely omelets with minimal cleanup, which is perfect for the professional on the go (even if it’s a Zoom meeting in light of current worldwide lockdowns).

Simplifying the Egg Cooking Process

“Adulting” is something Millennials have been struggling against in light of the bad hand they’ve gotten economics-wise.

They’re the generation burdened with student loan debt and a huge disparity between the haves and have nots, with the 1% (mostly baby boomers) ruling the world.

With that in mind, it’s always handy for this generation and the generation next to them, Gen Z, to have access to tech like the Internet (for egg recipes) and microwave egg cookers to simplify cooking eggs even if they have trouble with this dish.

Egg Cooker Tools vs. Egg Cooker Appliances

You can even avail of egg cookers that can make egg muffins and scrambled eggs on top of poached eggs and omelets using your microwave.

The advantage of an egg cooker tool you can use with your existing microwave is that they’re more cost-effective than their egg cooker appliance counterparts that double as their own microwave but exclusively for cooking eggs.

Many people might steer away from the concept of microwaving eggs, preferring to cook them with a stove and frying pan basted in oil. The best egg cookers out there, appliance or tool, can make believers of the unbelievers.

The Different Egg Dishes You Can Cook with an Egg Cooker

An egg cooker should shape omelets as perfectly round and lovely.

It should also help cook hard or soft boiled eggs (the difference being the hard-boiled eggs have the yolk cooked and the soft-boiled eggs should have the yolk uncooked) as well as poached eggs (like a half-scrambled egg with cooked egg white and runny yolk).

Poached eggs are quite delicious when paired up with toast, actually. A good egg cooker can poach the egg in such a tender and delicious way that it melts in your mouth when eaten.

Cooking an Egg at the Push of a Button

The main appeal of an egg cooker should be convenience. If it’s not any more convenient than frying an egg on a frying pan filled with oil or boiling an egg in a pot filled with boiling water then what’s the point in getting such a product?

Many people wish to try out getting a microwave egg cooker that makes at work quite edible.

In a workplace, you only have a microwave on hand and no stoves. Even at home and especially in dorm rooms, the appeal of cooking an egg at the push of a button is undeniable.

No, egg cooking can never be as simple as preparing a microwave dinner, but it can be simplified.

Electric Egg Poachers for Poached or Hard-Boiled Eggs on Demand

Maybe instead of getting boiled eggs on demand, you wish to instead have poached eggs on demand for your breakfast that should go along well with your toasted bread and crispy bacon.

You can also avail of a stainless steel electric egg poacher for your specific egg-poaching needs.

The thing about egg poaching appliances is that they’re also excellent egg boilers. So you can get the best of both worlds in terms of poached and hard-boiled eggs.

Just cook the eggs a little longer (according to instructions) to get them boiled instead of poached.

Isn’t Egg Cooking Simple Enough to Not Need a Cooker?

Egg cooking is simpler than preparing your own bowl of ramen, yes. Egg cooking doesn’t need to be as instant noodles.

However, if you can get egg dishes on-demand with the simplicity of making instant noodles, then that’s valid and worthwhile.

Many microwave egg cooker enthusiasts use these tools mainly for hard-boiled or poached eggs.

The best ones are able to cook from 4 to 7 eggs at the same time (most have only a capacity of 4 or less though) in less than a minute (40 seconds) versus the 15 minutes it takes to get water to boil to cook eggs over the stovetop.

Looks Good and Tastes Even Better

Keep the receipt or that 30-day money-back guarantee on hand and test out your prospective egg cookers to check if they really are all they’re cracked up to be.

Cooking eggs should be easy, but in today’s hectic and locked-down world, it doesn’t hurt to have a more efficient way to cook eggs with the assistance of a microwave.

An egg cooker should be dependable at cooking the egg in ways that require minimal cleanup.

It should also allow you to make different types of egg dishes depending on the manner and amount of time used to cook them.

The Importance of Consistency and Easy Eggshell Peeling

More and more people are availing themselves of electric egg cookers or microwave egg cooker assistant tools because they can successfully make 6 out of 7 eggs as hard-boiled or poached (high success percentage).

In contrast, boiling eggs using a pot of water and stove takes 15 minutes and there’s a 50/50 chance whether or not the shells would come off without taking half of the egg with them.

The egg whites tend to stick to the eggs with ordinary boiling. An egg cooker can boil the egg so perfectly that the shells peel off clearly.


Although there’s a lot we could write about breakfast tools, accessories, and appliances such as fancy egg cups, the best crepe pans, and the most notable of waffle makers, it’s truly amazing to see microwave technology used for the sake of egg cooking. Egg dishes serve as an important staple for the most important meal of the day.

Therefore, it only follows that breakfast enthusiasts have access to important information regarding the absolute best egg cookers available that make use of microwave oven technology instead of stoves and conventional ovens.

Through the years, the microwave oven has become a standard appliance for all homes. It is safe to say that there is no home without a microwave oven. If you are looking for a microwave oven that best fits your needs, You find the right website.

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