Small Kitchen Microwave Ideas
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09 Small Kitchen Microwave Ideas

Microwaves assist in making meal prep much easier than normal compared to a stovetop or conventional oven. Just put the right settings, wait a couple of minutes, and you should end up with a nice, hot meal. You can fit microwave preparation even when you have the busiest of schedules.

On that note, what about small kitchen microwave ideas?

How to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen you can use multiple methods in order to save space inside of it. A kitchen with everything stored in their right cabinets, drawers, and racks ensures you of more efficient cooking when push comes to shove.

Having items in the right place at the right time so you won’t have to scour the whole kitchen for them allows for quick and easy meal preparations every time. You can place things in cabinets, shelves, or put up racks or boxes inside cabinets to take out when needed.

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Empty containers should have their own cabinets. Installing an island can also help add another storage facility. You can even invest in a kitchen cart or multi-tier table you could use to place items by priority. The regularly used items on the top shelf and the seldom-used items on the bottom shelves.

09 Small Kitchen Microwave Ideas for Saving Space

Try out these 09 small kitchen microwave ideas to save space in your kitchen.

1. The Whys and Why Nots of a DIY Microwave Stand

a DIY Microwave Stand
a DIY Microwave Stand

Why should you invest in a DIY microwave stand? You can customize it however you want. You can use an existing table and turn it into a multi-tier kitchen stand with racks, side guards, and reinforced legs to support a whole heavy microwave oven.

This isn’t an option for those inexperienced in woodworking or DIY home improvement, of course.

2. Avail of a Built-In Microwave to Mount on Walls and Whatnot

Built-In Microwave
Built-In Microwave

A built-in microwave features a façade of a swinging door or drop-down drawbridge-style door and a control panel plus a barebones body you can slip into many a shelf or cabinet in order to make it built right into them, hence the term. Trim kits assist in making it look more streamlined.

You can compare it to a hermit crab entering things like snail shells or discarded glass in order to turn it into their own home.

3. Invest in an OTR Microwave to Double as Your Hood Vent

OTR Microwave
OTR Microwave

As for the Over-the-Range or OTR microwave, this microwave type doubles as your hood vent. Thusly, you have to place it over the range or overhead of your stove to make it work. This space-saving model of microwave typically features a ventilation fan with 300 CFM (cubic feet per minute) power.

It saves you space because it occupies the space typically reserved for the hood vent or the unused overhead space of a typical kitchen.

4. Shop for a Nice and Thick Iron Microwave Stand or Cart

microwave cart
A microwave cart

A microwave stand is a multi-level table you can place your kitchen appliances (like the microwave) and accessories. A microwave cart is like a microwave stand but it has wheels on it for easy transportation, just like how office chairs have their own wheels.

You can avail of carts or stands made of thickened iron frames, four tires, and 80 inches of vertical space on each shelf. Others come with their own cabinets and racks.

5. Integrate the Microwave with Other Appliances

grouping the microwave with other appliances
Grouping the microwave with other appliances

Another microwave space-saving idea for small kitchens involves grouping the microwave with other appliances like the wall oven, the toaster oven, the coffee maker, and so forth, You can also use a trim kit to match the other appliances to make the microwave blend in with them to save countertop space.

However, this solution requires matching appliances to make it feasible and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Using a Trim Kit to Fit Your Microwave into Shelf Spaces

Built-In microwave with a Trim Kit
Built-In microwave with a Trim Kit

You can fit even countertop freestanding microwaves into shelves or cabinetry using a trim kit. A trim kit might be a plate or additional accessories you use to fill in the visible gaps left when putting your microwave inside a space not built to accommodate it.

Using this kit that might be provided by the microwave manufacturer or a third-party supplier makes the device look more integrated into your shelves or cabinet like it belongs.

7. Recess a Microwave into a Wall

a Microwave into a Wall
A Microwave into a Wall (Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels)

It can be possible to recess a built-in microwave into your wall provided you have space stolen from your garage, closet, or empty space. You might have to call a remodeler, builder, or construction worker used to do home improvements to cut right into the wall.

This then results in a microwave that’s flush with the wall, giving a custom look or at least the same look you’d get when recessing an air conditioner unit into the wall.

8. Installing a Microwave Drawer Right into Your Cabinetry

microwave Inside a Drawer

You can buy microwave drawers you can put out of cabinets like a drawer or certain models of dishwasher. This alternative type of built-in turns your microwave into a drawer you can place food on for cooking or even for temporary item storage if you lack space.

Watch out, though. They can be quite pricey.

9. Just Get a Smaller Microwave

a small microwave
A small microwave (Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels)

Last but not least on this list of space-saving ideas includes simply buying a smaller microwave. Don’t buy something too weak, like a 12-volt microwave reserved for use inside cars or trucks to heat up sandwiches on the go. Rather, invest in a minimum 650-volt to 700-volt machine.

These devices give off decent wattage and heating power despite being smaller than your average 1-kilowatt light-duty microwave. They’re typically reserved for use in RVs and campers due to their size.

In Other Words

The space-saving ideas outlined above for microwave-to-kitchen integration show the myriad of ideas possible when it comes to making your beloved microwave unit more space-friendly. It won’t have to hog the countertop any longer to rob space from your coffeemaker, toaster oven, or others.

Just choose the microwave integration idea that works best for your specific type of kitchen and you’re good to go. It should work regardless of whether you have an apartment kitchen beside the bedroom or an RV kitchen at the trailer park.


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